Sydney Talks Fathers Day Presents

Last week, Syd and I were walking round the Trafford Centre looking for Father’s Day gift ideas. Syd spent a lot of time looking in shop windows and asking if her Dad would like this or that.

The first store we visited had a large range of bath bombs, and of course, her Daddy “Needed” the Pink unicorn one…! He definitely didn’t want the manly smelling one.

The next shop window to catch her eye was the Thorntons one – their range of Father’s day presents left her feeling “hungry”. 3 years ago, before hubby was diagnosed with diabetes, this chocolate car would have made his year. Syd’s eyes lit up when she saw it, and she was not at all impressed when I reminded her that her Daddy has Diabetes, and couldn’t have the chocolate car! With a price tag of £6, I am still half tempted to buy it online and her her eat it, but I thought that would be super mean on her Dad.

We stopped for lunch at this point, and Syd was introduced to the all you can eat Pizza Buffet. Syd didn’t get any gift ideas while we were in there, but she did decide she wants to go again for her birthday. While she was filling her face with ice cream, I found this cool American site which was packed with gift ideas for gardeners too – you can always have a browse if you want to see more but I loved the Vertical Zen Garden idea. It would look fab in Hubby’s office. 

Next, I suggested Syd get him some new slippers as the dogs ate his recently, but she said slippers are boring, and she veto’d that idea.

After visiting a few more shops, Sydney said her Dad is super hard to buy for. She declared that it was no good, and she would just have to get him the 2 acres he kept asking for. Once I’d explained she didn’t have enough pennies in her money box to pay for that, so it was back to the drawing board.

After stopping for liquid refreshments, Syd decided that she needed more time to think about what to get her Dad, so it looks like I’ll have to endure another shopping trip between now and Father’s Day…!

That or I will be sourcing his gift(s) online. I found some fab gift ideas for gardeners when I read this post by gearwear – why not click here to see more

If all else fails, I’m sure hubby will still get a home-made card and a cheese omelette in bed on Father’s Day!

Have you got any Father’s Day gift ideas?

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