The one where we get a dog

If you follow me on social media, this won’t come as a surprise to you at all. Almost 5 weeks ago, our family grew. We added a bundle of energy called Monty to the Geek clan…

Monty is a White Boxer, who was born in May. He’s 4 months old now, and a total cheeky chappie! He is sure to become a regular feature on my blog as so far, he hasn’t left my side!

Typing is proving almost as difficult now as it was when the kids were newborn… I have had to bribe him with a treat to get 10 minutes to type this now.

We have opted for a Boxer because Sam tends to be more accepting of bigger dogs. I am allergic to long haired dogs too, so there weren’t many breeds we could choose between. We’ve had him for almost 5 weeks and he’s slotted right into the family.

He’s already gained well over 4kg, and is growing at an amazing rate! We opted to take him to Vets 4 Pets for his injections as they offer Vaccinations for life for £99. It seemed silly to pay £36 a time at our cat’s vets when we can go to this one and pay a one off fee.

So far, we have paid out for that, £62 for a course of Antibiotics and pro biotic paste to settle his tummy when he first arrived. We’ve bought bowls, a bed, 2 sets of collars and leads, £50 worth of dog food and easily £40 worth of toys. People aren’t kidding when they say Dogs are expensive!

Look at those eyes though – you can’t be cross with him for long! 

We got the dog with the hope that he will bond with Sam and become an Autism Therapy Dog of sorts. So far, he is super kind to Sam and seems to know already that he needs to be extra patient and gentle around him.

Monty loves nothing more than to curl up beside Sam at night and catch ZZZ’s with his buddy. There have been plenty of bumps along the road, and Sam rejects Monty whenever Monty is being a typical pup, but when Monty is calm, Sam seems to calm down too. Fingers crossed their friendship and bond continues to grow.

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