How to make a Lego Wall

Sam loves Duplo. He loves it when we build it up, and he can pull it
apart. He spends ages playing that game. When I saw this photo of a Lego Wall online, I
knew we had to do this in the playroom, for Sam!

Lego baseplates are also compatible with Duplo, so we opted to use these, for maximum lifespan. Next, I did a quick google search, and found out that each large green Lego baseplate (10 inch) has an RRP of £6.99 EEK! After a chat with hubby, we decided to be more realistic, and to start small, with 4 large base plates. 

We spent quite a lot of time debating how to attach them to the wall – the obvious approach was to screw them on, but this might have damaged the plastic, or made the area around each screw unusable, so we went for the lazy easier option, and used No More Nails, as we wanted to be 100% sure Sam wouldn’t be able to pull them off the wall and throw them at Sydney!

We tried using Command Strips first, which do hold the base plates in place, but Sam managed to pull them off in less than 5 minutes. Based on this, I would only use command strips if you’re confident your children won’t try to pull them off the wall.

When DaddyGeek fixed the baseplates, he made sure the wall was clean and dry, then drew a line using his spirit level. Next, he put the No More Nails on the back of each baseplate, like in the photo. (We forgot to take photos of the process, so please excuse my bad visual reconstruction)!

He lined up the first baseplate so it was sat just above the line, then pushed it down firmly all over, to ensure it stuck. Once he was happy it was straight, he did the same with the other baseplates. To make sure the dots on the baseplates lined up accurately, he used large Duplo blocks to attach the plates together while they dried.

No More Nails takes 24 hours to dry, so we managed to hide the Duplo Wall from Sam by putting a book case in front of it! Once 24 hours had passed, I wrote Sam a little birthday message. The next morning, he sat, staring at it for ages!

Over a week has passed now, and Sam does pull blocks off it. As of yet, he isn’t as excited about it as I had hoped he would be. Sydney, on the other hand has a new favourite activity – she loves pulling blocks from the Duplo Wall!

Our plan is to add more baseplates to the wall over time, so that both Sam and Syd can play at the same time. The Duplo attaches to the Lego baseplate easily, and the kids can pull it off with no issues too.

I love the Duplo Wall! It saves me keeping even more big, unsightly tubs in the playroom to store the duplo in between uses, and it brightens up a dull wall, too. Even Sam’s Duplo aeroplane attaches to it – did you spot it?!

If you decide to make a Duplo or a lego wall after reading this, please share a photo!

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