How did we survive before technology

I have been pretty ill for the past couple of weeks. First I had surgery, then when I was finally over that, I put my back out. This has meant I have spent most of the past fortnight at home.

Cabin Fever is very real, my friends! I am seriously climbing the walls (in my mind at least – my back still isn’t up to doing any actual climbing)! When the guys over at Joe Blogs asked me what was the most innovative bit of tech in our house, I looked around and tried to work out what we couldn’t live without….

My iPhone is, without a doubt my personal favourite bit of tech. It is never far from me. I use it to control the TV, read books, blog, nag my hubby, check the weather, see how far away (late) my sister is and take a million and one photos of my children*.

That said, I could probably go without my phone if I absolutely had to… Chances are I’d be rocking in a corner as I went cold turkey, but I’m fairly sure I’d survive without it. The one piece of technology which we’d all lose our minds without is definitely Ewan the Dream Sheep.

“Who is this sheep”? I hear you cry…. He is, without a doubt the saviour of our family. We all worship Ewan. We actually have a flock of them now. Basically, Ewan is like “the Sandman” for babies!

He emits low-frequency sounds proven to calm and relax babies, together with a soft red glow. The womb-like sounds, combined with the red glow, remind your baby of the safety and comfort of the womb.

Sam was a terrible sleeper when he was small. We bought him Ewan for the pricey sum of £30 when he was a few weeks old. Sam has refused to sleep without him since. There have been many 3am battery changing adventures, but 4 years on… Ewan is still very much Sam’s bedtime buddy. He cannot go to sleep without him. (Don’t tell Sam, but we are actually on our 4th Ewan now, and I suspect we’ll be welcoming a 5th to our flock soon as Sam’s a little heavy handed on the buttons)!

So… you can take my laptop, keep my coffee machine (SOB), but you can’t have Ewan! Not unless you’re having Sam as well!

*OK OK… I spend way too much time on social media via my iPhone too

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