Buying Retro Sylvanian Families Toys

I am a huge fan of Sylvanians, and luckily for me… the kids love it too! My son, Sam has Autism. He loves windmills, spinning things and balloons. When I saw the Sylvanian Families Primrose Baby Windmill, I knew he needed it!

Unfortunately for me, the set was first released in 2006, and retired a good few years ago. This meant that finding a new one was impossible, so I turned to eBay.

I snapped up what I thought was a total bargain, and then filmed my initial reaction to it….

Sam spent hours spinning the sails and ¬†winding the balloon up and down. He was so excited, I couldn’t get a photo!

When Sam was out on Saturday, his younger sister set to work settling her Sylvanian Sheep into their new home. The Primrose Windmill is meant for Sylvanian Babies, but my kids clearly missed that memo!

This past weekend, the windmill has been played with for hours. Syd has put the sheep down the slide at least 100 times, and her Sylvanian Babies have enjoyed rides in the balloon, as well as the sheep family.

I have to be honest… I was a little disappointed in the preloved item I bought. I knew it didn’t have the furniture, but no mention was made of the missing gate, mobile light fitting or piece of fence. I have learnt my lesson though, and in future I’ll be sure to ask lots of questions and look more carefully at listings. The kids didn’t mind the missing parts at all, so it’s definitely more my problem than theirs.

Have you got any retro Sylvanian Family sets? Who loves them more – you or the kids?

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