Junior Book Club Linky – 15th November 2012

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This week, I am reviewing something a bit different….The book is “The Princess and the Peas.”
It is Written by Caryl Hart, and illustrated by Sarah Warburton.

The Princess and the Peas is a large paperback, with 32 pages.
It is published by Nosy Crow, and the ISBN is: 9780857631084
The RRP is £6.99, and the book is on the large side – measuring in at 290 x 250 mm.

The images are bold, fun, and really help bring the story to life. The pages have a matte feeling, and they are a good thickness.

The story itself is brilliant. It tells the tale of a young girl who is perfect in every way, but she hates peas. I won’t give away the plot, but it is a modern, quirky story, which is a must read for any child who hates peas.

Our toddler ADORES peas – he’d eat them 24/7 if we let him, so it wasn’t such a hit of a story with him. It is aimed at kids aged 3+ though, so he’s a bit young for it,

The book on it’s own would get 4/5. The images are brilliant – full of funny little things parents will smile at, but children will probably miss. (Like the Doctor’s Bill: “Lots of money”).

The unique thing about it though is the fact you get a FREE audio reading of the story. Inside the cover is a QR code. You scan the QR code (which is like a barcode) using a QR Reader app on your smart phone (or tablet – if it has a QR app and a camera). The audio version then shows up on your screen, and you can listen to an audio version of the book.

It encourages children to read along with the book, and it beeps to tell you when to turn the page. It kind of reminded me of the audio cassette books I had as a kid in the 80’s, except with these, kids can listen anywhere – not just when they can sneak a go of their big sister’s ghetto blaster, while she’s in the bath…….! (Was that just me, then)?!

The good thing about the Stories Aloud idea is that children can listen to the stories whenever they like, at no additional cost. You have access to the “audio book” when you’ve only paid for the paper book, so in effect you’re getting, “two for the price of one.”

Personally, I love to read stories aloud to my children, but I know loads of other parents don’t feel confident in doing so, for whatever reason. For people who aren’t confident readers, it is a great way to bond with their children. You can cuddle up and follow the words in the book with your finger, while the story is narrated around you.

It is also a good thing to have when you are out and about (with Wifi or 3G coverage). If your children get bored, you can accessed the saved QR code on your app, and play them the story, even when the book isn’t with you. You can also pay 99p to buy the download via iTunes, Amazon or Google, and save the audio version to your device, so you can play them anywhere, even when you don’t have an internet connection.

All told, I think the Stories Aloud concept is a great one.
You can download a QR Reader app for free on any smartphone, and listen to a story now, if you want to test it for yourself?

Scan the QR code below for the Stories Aloud edition of “Pip and Posy: The Super Scooter,” by Axel Scheffler:

I highly recommend the book, and I love the idea of Stories Aloud, too. I will still read to my children, as I really enjoy it, but I feel a lot more children will benefit from being read to, thanks to Stories Aloud.

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the book to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

The stories Aloud books are not on sale until January. I have been sent this copy in advance.

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