Tatton Park Gardens

I’m slightly ashamed to say I have lived in Manchester my entire life and until this month had never ventured over to Cheshire to visit Tatton Park. That was rectified though when we visited a couple of weeks back.

Tatton Park is over 1000 acres and has loads of things to do. We spent a couple of hours exploring the Gardens and courtyard before the rain spoilt our fun. You pay £6 to park your car (£3 if you have a blue badge) and some of the park’s attractions are chargeable. You can use the open spaces and playground without paying anything extra, though.

Hubby has an allotment and has been desperate to visit Tatton Gardens for a few years now, so he was beyond excited to finally get there. I think the Kitchen Garden was his favourite part. He spent ages studying the varieties of fruit and veggies they had growing. I somehow forgot to take any photos in this area, but I made up for it in the Italian Garden…

This was a stunning formal garden, set on several tiers all connected with steps and balconies.

We stumbled across a secret Rainforest inside one of the glass houses too…

It was truly breathtaking in here, and we’d never have found it if I hadn’t all but forced hubby to go and nosey round what I thought was another greenhouse while I had a rest and gave the kids drinks.

Hubby is obsessed with Ferns, so he was in his element in here – as were the kids – They even found a secret cave!

 Back outside, there were lots of Flowers for the kids to explore.

Sam was in his Special Needs buggy for much of the walking, and it wasn’t easy pushing him through the gravel paths, but it was worth it.

While we were exploring, we stumbled across this “Secret Stories” sign. I love things like this. I am a total geek when it comes to History, and I love finding out historical facts about places I visit. Hubby decided immediately that we had to go and find the secret potting shed… It was kitted out exactly as it would have been 200 years ago, and Syd immediately set to work sweeping up!

We spent about 2 and a half hours exploring before we left to have lunch in the Garden Cafe. This is in the courtyard – out of the gardens. It was lovely but not cheap, so if you’re looking to keep costs down, I’d definitely recommend packing a picnic as the costs definitely add up.

The Farm, Mansion, Old Hall and Gardens are all chargeable to enter. You can either pay to visit a single attraction, which works out at: 

  • Adult – £7
  • Child (4 – 15 years) – £5
  • Family (2 adults and up to 3 children) – £19

Or you can buy the “Totally Tatton Ticket” which gets you entry to The Farm, Gardens and Mansion for one fee. You can visit the attractions all in one day, or choose to spread your visits out and just pay for parking when you come back.

The cost to do it this way is:

  • Adult – £13
  • Child (4 – 15 years) – £7
  • Family (2 adults and up to 3 children) – £33

    We didn’t even see half of the gardens before the rain came down hard. We were sad that we didn’t manage to get all the way round, but we will be back again. If you’re a member of RHS (Royal Horticultural Society), you can get free access to the gardens, and if you’re with the National Trust, you can get free access to the mansion and gardens, as well as half price access to the farm.

We will definitely be back to explore more of Tatton Park, armed with a picnic as soon as possible. 

Disclaimer: We were sent a complimentary pass to visit all of the attractions – other posts to follow in due course. 

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