Biker Chick Style For Mums

For a long time, I have considered myself to be on the cusp of Biker / Rock / Alternative dress, without actually shopping anywhere but on the high street. When I was going out to pubs and clubs as a teen, it was usually Rock World I went to, and I could be found wearing black roll on knee high boots, a black mini skirt and some kind of dark top – usually covered in press studs or clasps (pictured below on my 18th birthday weekend away at the Club 18-30’s reunion in sunny Skegness). My hair was dyed black and my skin was naturally milk bottle white. When my hair was down around my square face, I looked like Morticia Addams even without the clothes on. 

As I got older, my hair got less black and my skin got a bit more colour to it, but my love of Black clothes, Biker Boots and Biker Jackets remained. My go – to style is always skinny black jeans, black top and biker boots with a biker jacket. I’ve been vegetarian for 17 years now, so my biker boots and jackets are never leather. I still love the style though. 

When my cousin decided on an 80s theme for her Hen Night, most people were buying leg warmers and ra-ra skirts. I opted for more of a PUNK look though, with a pair of ripped leggings, a slashed TShirt with a leopard print vest top underneath, lots of safety pins holding it all together and my beloved biker boots and jacket. 

I don’t get to go out – out much these days, but when I do, I swap out my usual boots for heels, and my black T-shirt for a dark top. My jacket still gets worn though, as you can see above! I think I get my love of this style from my obsession with Grease 2 as a kid – Stephanie Zinone was definitely my style icon. While most girls my age were dressing like the Spice Girls, I was more in tune with her’s and early Madonna’s style fashion. 

The problem with loving this look is that as you get older and feel the cold more, Biker Jackets just aren’t warm enough. With that in mind, I have been looking for a new jacket, and I think I have found one I love… 

If you’re looking for a Biker Chick Style Jacket, it’s well worth having a look Belstaff. They have a large range of men’s, women’s and kids clothes, shoes and accessories, and plenty of bargains available in the sale section too. What do you think of this one? It’s definitely my style, thats for sure! 

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