I’m almost 35 now, and over the years I have had plenty of good and bad hair days. I thought I would share some of my biggest hair fails. Including the high (and low) lights of my hair adventures on my blog, as I prepare myself for my next hair adventure…. embracing the grey!

Biggest Hair Fails Of My Childhood

When I was a little girl, my Mum seemed to think a half – head fringe was the way to go. Seriously – it was so big, it took over half of my head… Wasn’t I a cutie…! (The point where my bobble is is the point at which my fringe ends…. Honestly! 

Biggest Hair Fails - child with huge fringe

By the time I was 11, I had gone from having hair so long I could sit on it, to having a shoulder length bob and yet another awful fringe! (You may have noticed my daughter has never had a fringe – my horrific fringe days are the reason for that!

Tween Fail

Here I am at age 11on holiday in Butlins, rocking’ one heck of a fringe. This was during my “tom boy” years – football and computer games were the only things that mattered! You can see how completely thick my hair is here. Layers are definitely required for my hair! (How cute is my nephew – he’s 24 and got a child of his own now – YIKES!

Biggest Hair Fails - child with bad haircut

Biggest Hair Fails Of My Teens

Just a year later, I had grown out the horrid fringe and swapped it for something equally horrid…. A PERM! That was without a doubt one of my biggest hair fails of all time! Thankfully for me, there’s no photographic evidence of that! Needless to say, I regretted it almost instantly, and brushed it out every day. It lived in a pony with gigantic ugly clips for the next couple of years to hide the chaos!

Biggest Hair Fails - huge silver clips

Biggest Hair Fails of Adulthood

I pretty much kept the same haircut until I was about 25. It was long, straight and had a centre parting. It was always down and straight. Sometimes I had a few layers in it, and occasionally I got really “wild” and clipped in some awful coloured extensions. Definitely one of my biggest hair fails! They were cut badly and make me cringe now when I look back! The red ones I am wearing here are a good 2 inches longer than my layers so hang down really obviously when I push my hair behind my ears…..

Biggest Hair Fails - clip in red pieces

Biggest Hair Fail of Motherhood

Once I became a mum, I decided to have a “mum cut”. I had a good 12 inches chopped off, and donated it to the Little Princess Trust. (You can read more about that experience here)… I regretted it immediately, and was once again reminded why I should NEVER EVER EVER have a fringe. I’m definitely pulling my best “what was I thinking” face in this photo…

Biggest Hair Fails - awful short bob with blunt, straight across bangs

Every Cloud…

The great thing about my hair though, is it grows REALLY QUICKLY. Once I turned 30, I became a bit more experimental with my hair. After 30 years with dark hair, I finally had my hair bleached and then immediately toned down to a lighter brown / copper. It literally took the entire day to do, my hair is so thick! One thing is for sure, unless something changes drastically, I won’t need a hair transplant any time soon. I loved this colour and cut though – I think it’s my favourite ever….

Biggest Hair Fails - hair being bleached from dark brown to light copper highlights

After having the highlights, I decided that I wanted to go for a bolder, more in your face copper – red colour and this happened…..

Biggest Hair Fails - lovely copper hair

I absolutely loved this colour, and if it hadn’t been so hard to maintain, I’d have stuck with it. Unfortunately, after several washes, I went from the above, to this….. Definitely not the colour I wanted!

Biggest Hair Fails - washed out copper

Curly Girly

It was about this time I decided to ditch the GHD’s and embrace my curls. My hair was becoming dryer by the day, and I didn’t want to completely break it. I switched from copper to red and hated it. My mum died a week after I went this colour and I had to look like this for her funeral. I felt like a beacon and wanted the ground to swallow me up the entire day.

Biggest Hair Fails - red curls

Since then, my hair has been various home dye shades of brown and black, and fairly long with shorter layers cut through to reduce the bulk. I love my curls now, and haven’t used my GHD’s in well over 3 years, but my roots are more grey than anything, so I have decided it’s time to try going grey next. Watch this space, as I will share what happens next month when I get a full head of highlights and then opt for a grey toner – EEK!

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