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I have always been a shrewd shopper. Before we had kids – when we had spare cash to spend, Hubby used to roll his eyes at my shopping around for the best price. Now, he’s worse than I am for trying to save a few quid. 

I have lots of tips and tricks, and thought I’d share a few on my blog. 

The first thing I do is add all the items I am considering buying for the kids birthdays and / or Christmas to an Amazon Wishlist. I check the Wishlist every day for price changes and buy items when the price drops to the level I want to pay. This saved me over 30% on the kids’ main Christmas Gifts last year. 

Something else I have discovered recently is – This website shares a large amount of deals from a huge range of retailers. Today alone, I spotted that my shampoo and conditioner of choice are available for £1 a bottle at Poundshop. (I usually pay £3.89 per bottle). I also snapped up a 2 for 1 voucher for Flamingoland I registered for it in my name and hubby’s too, so that’ll save us £80 when we visit this Summer! 

I found out via that if you shop at H&M regularly, you need to make sure you have signed up to the H&M club – You’ll get free standard delivery on all online orders plus regular deals and discounts too. I found this out via latest deals, and once I registered, I got 10% off my first H&M order, plus free next day delivery. HAPPY DAYS! (I bought the kids a load of clothes for the summer holidays as they have taken yet another stretch). 

I also found out that Iceland deliver to our house for free when you spend £35 online, AND got £5 off my first order too – This makes me very happy as I detest grocery shopping in person! 

Syd and I are going camping later on this month, and I found some fabulous bargains for our trip thanks to Latest Deals. I got 55% off a new tent, 60% off a cool bag, discounted cooking equipment, an inflatable sofa, camping table, lantern, picnic set and more. I reckon I saved well over £100 on camping equipment all told, not to mention saving around £30 on suncream too. I got 10% off some new clothes for Syd as well as some discounted flip flops for me from H&M. 

Have you got any tips for saving money online? 

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