New Home Checklist

Last weekend, our next door neighbours moved out, and a new family moved in. While watching the removal van come and go, I started thinking about exactly how much work is involved with moving house.

While perusing the web on Sunday, I stumbled upon the Home Owner’s Checklist on Rattan Direct’s website, and it made me realise how much work is involved in moving house.

(Hubby already owned our home when we met, and I still lived with my Mum, so I literally turned up here with a car full of clothes and my laptop when I moved in – no big headache for me).

One thing on the checklist which really jumped out at me was checking the appliances and everything included in the sale of the home is there and working – I am so trusting, I’d probably believe myself, hubby or one of the kids had broken something if it wasn’t working a few days after we moved in – I’d never suspect the previous owners.

The list of people to inform about your move was also a seriously long headache. I had a list that long of places to phone when my parents passed away, and it was no fun at all. Make sure you have a gigantic brew and a large bar of chocolate to hand whenever you make those calls. It took me 9 hours all told to notify all of the people required, so don’t plan on it being a 20 minute job.

Something not featured on the checklist which would be essential for us is changing the dogs’ microchip details. If they manage to escape from your new home, the last thing you want is someone trying to return them to your old address.

I can imagine packing and unpacking being a big headache for most people, but I reckon that would be less hassle than making all of the relevant calls. I’d probably rent a storage unit and pack up and move out the unnecessary items as I went through each room in turn. I’d definitely plan on binning at least half of the kids’ toys while sorting through everything (or at least dropping them off at a charity shop).

Am I being hopelessly naive? Do you have any super moving tips you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them if you do!

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