20 more sleeps until School

In Salford, 3 year olds already get a full time school nursery place. This means that Sydney will be starting full time education next month! EEK!

Syd will be one of the youngest in her class, as an end of June baby, but she is SO ready for school now. She’s been busy reading her “Starting School” book for months, telling me she’s going to sit next to her friend, “M” in class and¬†practising her pen control…

I am, of course worried about how she will manage emotionally. Syd attended a private day nursery until July. She still screamed every time I dropped her off, and she still refuses to use a toilet, despite being 100% ready. (She’s copying her brother, Sam and insists she still needs a nappy, as he still wears one).

Despite my concerns, I am confident Syd will thrive in school. She will have a chance to be her own person, a break from Sam’s special needs, and academic stimulation. Plus…. I’ll get a little time to myself each day and THIS PROSPECT EXCITES ME!

Sam still doesn’t have a special needs school place, so he will still only be doing 9.30-11.45am Monday to Friday, but I am going to have a bit of time to get the boring jobs done while he’s at nursery, and hopefully it’ll free up enough time for me to be able to do lots of fun stuff with him in the afternoons.

So…. 20 more sleeps until Syd’s a school girl… EEK!


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