Slimming World Week 7

If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I’m a bit of a yo-yo’er. I lost over 60lb before having the kids, then lost it again in 2014 when the kids were 2 and 3. I maintained my weight until 2016 when my Mum died, and since then, I have ballooned back to my heaviest. I am 100% an emotional eater. Some people booze, some people take drugs, some pound stuff in the gym…. I stuff my face to ease my pain. I did the same when my Dad died back in 2007 too. 

I had my first Weigh in on 4th Dec and wasn’t even slightly shocked by the number. (14 stone 1.5lb or 197lb if you prefer). 

Since then, my weigh ins have gone like this:

Week 1: -3.5lb

Week 2: -2lb

Week 3: -4.5lb (Christmas Eve Weigh In)

Week 4: -1.5lb (New Year’s Eve Weigh In)

Week 5: -1.5lb

Week 6: -1lb

Week 7: -5.5lb (Majorly stressful week). 

As it stands now, I am 1 stone 5lb down (or 19lb if you prefer). I got my 1 stone award this week & am only 2lb away from my 1.5 stone award.

I thought I’d share a day from my food diary so you can see what I eat on an average day. 

My Healthy Extras (HE) are almost always the same – 350ml skimmed milk and 40g Ready Brek. 

Breakfast: (Usually at 8.15am)

40g Ready Brek (HE) made with 175g Skimmed Milk (HE). Blueberries added. (Syn Free)

Cup of tea with no sugar, (HE) Milk used. 

Snack: (11am)

Fruit & cup of tea with (HE) Milk.

Lunch: (12.30pm)

Syn Free Speed Soup (I usually throw in whatever veg I have handy then blitz it down to make enough to last a few days). 

Last week’s contained Red Lentils, Swede, Leeks, carrots, cabbage, onion, peas, 2x veg stock pot. 

Fruit Salad topped with a Syn free Aldi Yogurt. (Blueberries, banana, apple, grapes, strawberries). 

Cup of tea with (HE) Milk.

Snack: (2.30pm)

Cup of Syn Free Soup

Tea: (eaten with the kids at around 4pm).

Syn Free Veggie Casserole. 

(Quorn Steak Strips, Onions, Swede, carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, stock pot, all cooked in the slow cooker.)

Dessert: Aldi Banana and Custard Yogurt over a banana. (0.5 Syn for Yogurt). 

Cup of tea with last of (HE) Milk.

Evening: (Around 7.30pm)

Options Hot Chocolate made with 100ml skimmed milk & the rest water. (1 Syn for milk, 2.5 Syns for Hot Chocolate). 

2x Hifi Bars (6 Syns). 

TOTAL: 10 Syns used. 

Some days I eat more Syns, but I always stick to between 5-15 a day. (The two exceptions to this were Christmas Eve and Christmas day, when I let myself eat whatever I wanted. I am sure that moving forward, it’ll get harder to lose every week, but for now I am really pleased with the way things are going. 

My big 5.5lb loss this past week was probably caused by a few things – It was star week the week before, so I reckon I should have lost more then, plus we had no heating and hot water all weekend, so I was running around more to keep warm, and carrying pans of hot water up to the bathroom – (2 storeys above the oven)! 

I have set my target to 11 stone for now (154lb), but this may change as I lose more weight. I’m less bothered by the number on the scales than I am the fit of my clothes. I want to fit comfortably in my size 14 jeans again. 

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