6 Years Vaping

DaddyGeek reflects on how things have changed since he gave up smoking just before Sydney was born, almost 6 years ago…

This weekend, Sydney turns 6 – which means it’s been a little over 6 years since I gave up regular cigarettes in favour of e-cigs – otherwise known as ‘vaping’. In that time, e-cigarettes have changed a great deal and are significantly more popular now.

Prior to the permanent switch, I had previously tried them before – using ‘gamucci’ (which I believe you can still actually buy) – those were expensive, and not especially good, which is why I never stuck with them. By contrast, todays offerings are as good, if not better, at satisfying nicotine cravings as regular cigarettes – but without the smell and damage to both your own health and that of those around you.

Price is also a significant factor – not having bought cigarettes for many years, I was astounded to find that a pack of 20 now costs over £8 – how on earth can people afford prices like that these days? I was a fairly light smoker – around 10 a day, and that would cost me almost £1,500 a year now. Smoke 20 a day, as many do, and that’s £3,000 a year! Conversely, I probably spend around £150 a year vaping, and that includes e-liquid, batteries and the usual consumables.

It’s fairly rare to see people smoking these days (especially if, like me, you don’t frequent pubs!). Obviously the smoking laws have played a large part in that, but vaping has also played a large part – those are now a common sight, and considered much more socially acceptable.

If you’re still smoking regular cigarettes and considering switching though, the single piece of advice I would offer is this – don’t get the cheapest one you can find! Yes, you can get a ‘starter kit’ for under a fiver, but in my experience those don’t come close to satisfying the needs of someone used to normal cigarettes. You really need a decent kit – a good battery, decent tank and e-liquid. Personally, I usually use Innokin kit which is both reasonably priced and widely available. A few high-street stores sell decent kits, but you’ll probably find an online retailer such as VIP Electronic Cigarettes will give you more choice and better value (and you can obviously read reviews to see what other people think of the kit first).

I still generally stick with tobacco-flavoured e-liquids, but if you’re so inclined, a massive range of flavoured liquids are out there too – you’re no longer stuck with choosing between tobacco or menthol! Strawberry, Coffee, Lemon Cheesecake – you name it, there’s probably an e-liquid flavour out there for it!

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