Blogger Takeover – DC Exhibition – Dawn of Superheroes

Nikki From Someplace Strange is sharing her experience of the ‘DC Exhibition: Dawn of SuperHeroes’…..

The DC Exhibition: “Dawn of Super Heroes” can be seen at The O2 in London from 23rd February to 9th September 2018. The exhibition offers a grand tour of DC’s history and mythology and via characters such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Catwoman and The Joker.

For each of the characters included, you see how they evolved over time in film, TV and comics. There are more then 200 original comic pages, 300 sketches, concept artwork, video interviews, costume and model displays plus life-size replicas. There’s also a very informative audio soundtrack. (Check yours works before you start). 

If you’re a comic buff, love the DC universe, want to up your cosplay game or are generally interested in films, this is a very pleasant way to spend a few hours. It’s not the cheapest way to spend a few hours though – adult tickets start at £18 plus booking fee while a family ticket is £33 plus booking fee. 

Family outings are “challenging” when you’ve got a teenager but we all really enjoyed this. There was loads to see and tons to learn. Anyway, enough of me! Do let us know in the comments below if you’ve been to the exhibition and what you thought of it! 


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