Surviving the school holidays when you work from home

I have been blogging for almost 7 years now, and over those years, I have found some great ways to use time effectively and survive the school holidays… 

It is a constant juggling act trying to work when the kids are off school. I am lucky that I can write from anywhere, and I usually do. Most parents on their phones in the park are browsing social media, I am usually doing a bit of that and a bit of writing blog posts… 

Right now, the notes section of my iPhone has 11 part written blog posts waiting for me to finish. Once they are done, I email them to myself so I can copy and paste them into a blog post once the kids are in bed (or I get 10 minutes peace). 

Over the years, this has always been my go to method of writing. When the kids were newborn, I survived hours of cluster feeds by writing. I survived night feeds by blearily planning my schedule or outlining posts. I would read emails then too and add plans to my to do list (also on my phone’s notes). 

Finding time to actually sit down at my laptop can be hard, but when hubby is looking after the kids, I stick in my earphones and knuckle down to get as much scheduled as I can. I am saving at the moment to treat myself to some beats studio 3 headphones – I want full ear coverage and I think wireless will mean I can work from anywhere. (I am dreaming of spending summer nights sitting in the garden, sipping a glass of wine, and drowning out the local BBQ’s with music to help me focus. Reality is probably more like me drowning out the kids refusing to sleep, while Hubby goes up the stairs for the 80th time that evening). 

I always try to plan ahead and schedule posts long in advance so I don’t have massive pressure to get loads done during the holidays – it rarely happens like that though, so writing on the go is always my saviour. 

I am frequently (like right now for example) found publishing and scheduling blog posts while tucked up in bed with my pyjamas on at 5am)! 

If I had to give my top 5 tips for surviving the summer holidays as a work from home parent, they’d be:

1). Write on the go. 

(Emails, blog posts, anything that can be done while the kids let off some steam in the park, really). 

2). Schedule schedule schedule. 

(And don’t freak out if your schedule gets stamped on when a child gets poorly or refuses to do the activity you’d planned for them). 

3). Play dates. 

(Look after another school Mum’s child(ren) one day, then ask her to return the favour another day. This means that:

A). the day you’re hosting the play date, your kids are less likely to be “bored” as they have someone to play with, so you get more jobs done.

B). You get a day of free childcare when your school mum friend returns the favour. 

4). Batch cook. 

(Spend time cooking up loads of meals which can be frozen, so you can then just pop them into the oven and save time prepping meals each day.)

5). Don’t expect to like in a show home

(Working from home does not mean you get time to clean your house until it gleams – it means your home is your office). You’ll still need to find non work time to clean – unless you have a cleaning fairy)! 

Do you have any other pearls of wisdom to share with work from home parents? I’d love to hear them! 

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