I have said this before on my blog, but I am definitely one of those parents who loves to add a little magic to my children’s lives. At Easter, it’s the bunny, In December, it’s Elf on the shelf or Father Christmas. Once the kids’ teeth start falling out, it’ll be the tooth fairy. When I was asked to review the new Character Toys opening fairy doors playset, I said YES without hesitation. The set has an RRP of £15 and is made from high quality matte effect plastic. (It looks like wood).

Opening Fairy Doors Playset

Opening Fairy Doors Playset

ThisOpening Fairy Doors Playset is much larger than the traditional wooden one we already have. It’s far too big to fit on the average skirting board, so either has to go on top of it (attached to the wall). Or alternatively, on the stairs. (If, like us you have higher skirting boards there). There are 3 Opening Fairy Doors Playset available. We received Meadow (The blue set). There’s also Luna (Pink) and Willow (Purple).

The sets each include lots of extras, as well as the door. You get a window, a mail box, 2 pieces of picket style fence, and a bottle of fairy dust. Additionally, there’s a certificate, stickers, adhesive pads, miniature envelopes, note paper and a small story booklet included.

Opening Fairy Doors Playset - inside the box

The booklet encourages your child to be good and kind. It says that if the child sprinkles some of the magic fairy dust in front of the fairy door and makes a wish, it may just come true – if you’ve been kind, good and helpful.

How It Looks

I opted to position our new Opening Fairy Door Set on the stairs. So that it could be flush with the carpet and not on top of the skirting boards…

Opening Fairy Doors Playset in situ

(Apologies for the quality of this photo – it’s a bad spot to photograph at night time. I’ll replace these images with some better lit ones asap).

The adhesive pads included with the set weren’t very good. They didn’t hold anything in place. I ended up using some double sided adhesive foam pads which worked a treat. Once the set was in place, I was really pleased with how it looked.

I decided to superglue our door closed in the end. So I could leave the world behind there completely down to the kids imaginations. That was purely my choice though and not a reflection on the product. My daughter always talks about Tink’s house (her fairy’s name), so I didn’t want to spoil that with a garden scene behind the door. Maybe a few other backdrop options would be a good idea?

Opening Fairy Doors Playset Closed door

I was really happy with the way the set looked once the door was closed, and I absolutely love the other features. The window is super cute, and the post box will definitely be our tooth fairy drop off point in the years to follow.

My Thoughts

The morning after I installed it (and removed our old door)… My 4 year old daughter came running into the bedroom saying… “Mummy, Mummy, Tink [the fairy’s name] has moved into a new house and it is beautiful. It’s got a window and a fence and her mummy has disappeared-ed her old house… It’s magic Mummy”

To me, that speaks volumes. My daughter’s imagination was clearly in overdrive the moment she saw her new fairy door. I love the fact she is making magical childhood memories like this. I am probably the biggest “grown up” kid I know. So it really does give me no end of joy talking to her about Tink,. Asking her what she thinks her friends are called, what she likes to eat for tea. And if Tink goes to fairy school with her fairy friends.

I would highly recommend the set and am going to give it 5/5. Admittedly, the adhesive pads weren’t suitable for wood, but other brands don’t supply these anyway. I chose to glue the door shut, but honestly… The door, window, post box and picket fence are beautiful. They are worth well more than the RRP in my opinion and I know this set will be adored for many years to come.

We were sent the item to review, but all words and opinions are my own. Finally, read more of our reviews here.


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