My 4 year old daughter loves coming to the post office with me. She loves putting items on the scales to be weighed,  passing parcels through the hatch to the cashier and flicking through the leaflets while we wait in line. When I was asked to review the Casdon Post Office set, I knew she’d be thrilled!

The attention to detail is amazing! You get a stack of “official” looking Post Office forms – for passports, car tax and driving licence. There are even two (now outdated) Tax Discs on sale, as well as some paying in and withdrawal slips, so you can keep track of your Post Office Savings.

The magazine rack has a large range of reading material for your customers to browse and buy…

The newspapers are printed with spoof stories and quizzes to complete. The range of greeting cards fit nicely inside the included envelopes, so you can post them in the set’s post box. The Magazines are like for like covers from genuine magazines published years ago. The Practical Parenting magazine is dated 2003, and some of the stories on the cover made me chuckle – Is your baby too fat or too thin? REALLY?

The set also includes everything your child needs to post their own letters, parcels, cards and postcards. You’ll find note paper, envelopes, 3 postcards, 10 greetings cards and a sheet of pretend postage stickers included – and a pencil!

Syd is 4 now, and the first person she insisted I help her write a letter to was…

Yep… The big man himself! Speaking of big men… My son is 5 and has Autism. He doesn’t usually pay much attention to role-play type toys, but he’s loved exploring this set. He was particularly fascinated by the post box and the pretend money…

Sam was soon fired from his temp job as post master though – Once Sydney got home from school, she claimed that role as her own! Sam has been a customer ever since!

She absolutely loves “franking” the letters and weighing the parcels on the scales. Her favourite job is emptying the post box and delivering the mail though – she insists we all call her Postgirl Syd while she is doing so! The set has helped her to understand the postal system, and it has made her want to practice her writing skills more often.

All told, I cannot recommend this set enough. It has an RRP of £12, which is great value in my opinion. This set has been played with for hours on end! It’s helped Syd with her counting, listening skills and following instructions.

I give the set 5/5 and will be buying it for friend’s children this Christmas.

Casdon have a large range of educational toys available – browse the full collection here.

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