The guys over at Winslow Resources recently sent me a copy of The Parent’s Guide to Occupational Therapy for Autism and Other Special Needs By Cara Koscinski to review. This book has an RRP of £12.99, and is a great resource for parents of children on the Autistic Spectrum.

The book outlines some of the key factors that Occupational Therapists observe when assessing, planning and monitoring interventions for children with Autism and related special needs. The book uses an easy to follow question/answer format; and contains questions like, “why is my child making odd noises”; “why does my child avoid affection from me or others?”; “why does my child only eat one or two foods?”; “what is W sitting?”

The book also explains skill development of core muscles and reflexes, motor, feeding and oral motor skills, as well as covering difficulties with transitions, social interactions and toilet training.

For me, the main reason to buy this book over the dozens of other ones which are similar in price and format is the fact the author, Cara Koscinski is an Autism Parent herself, as well as an Occupational Therapist. This, in my opinion makes her answers more life based and less clinic based – and much easier to read and relate to.

My son, Sam was diagnosed over 4 years ago now, so a lot of the questions were things we’ve already found the answers to. Honestly, it was great to flick through, and would be invaluable to a parent who is new to the world of Autism, but there wasn’t much in here I hadn’t already found out elsewhere. This book also offers helpful tips and ideas if you’re teaching a pupil with Autism as well.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is new to Autism. Not just to parents, but to anyone wanting to understand more about Autism and get some ideas for ways to support someone on the spectrum.

I was sent this book to review, but all words and opinions are my own.

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