If you read my blog often, I’m sure it’ll come as no surprise that I am a huge geek! When we received the Airhogs Sonic Rocket to review, I think I was far more excited than the kids were. The Airhogs Sonic Rocket has an RRP of £19.99 and is aimed at children aged 8 and over. Each charge gives you up to 50 launches, and each launch will see your rocket blasting upto 200 feet in the air!

The rocket took 30 minutes to charge, and then we went to our local playing fields to launch it. Rather than describing what happened, I made this video so you can see for yourself what happened next…

As the video shows, the rocket definitely goes high! The rocket has 3 height settings – low (50m), medium (100m) and high (200m). The instructions say the low setting is suitable for gardens – I would advise against using the rocket in the garden – unless it’s over an acre, as the rocket does drift a lot in the breeze. The day we filmed the above video was calm, and the rocket still drifted a good 50 feet, if not more while “in orbit”.

All told, I would highly recommend the Airhogs Sonic Rocket – it is a steal at the RRP – My hubby is usually a cheapskate and hates how much toys cost. I asked him how much he’d pay for it and he said he wouldn’t moan if it was under £50!

I can see us getting a lot of use from the Airhogs Sonic Rocket over the warmer months – its perfect for taking along on picnics as its light and takes up minimal space in the bag! A definite winner in my book!

A Definite Winner in my Book!
  • Value for Money
  • Fun Factor
  • Educational Value
  • Charging Time
Overall Score

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