Syd and I went camping for 1 night a couple of weeks back. As soon as we got back, Syd wrote about our trip. I totally forgot to publish the post, but here it is – better last than never, right? (As always, Syd did all the typing – I just copied it into this blog post and added the photos). 

Without further ado……

Today me and mum have been camping!

First we unpacked the car.

Me and mum were nosey.

We looked in the shops.

Then I played in the soft play.

I had a nap when we got back to the tent.

When I woke it was club time!

I had an ice cream.

I played in the park 100 times.

I buttered my toast.

I toasted marshmallows.

I made lots of friends.

So… there you have it – my 6 year old’s take on our trip to Lady Heyes in Cheshire. I think she enjoyed herself – do you?

(She forgot to mention that she did actually sleep in the tent though…!)


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