If you read my blog regularly, you’ll know I am a massive geek. When Menkind got in touch and offered me a Sega Mega Drive Classic to give away to one of my readers, I was very excited (and a little jealous)!

About The Sega Mega Drive Classic

The original Sega Mega Drive was released in 1989. I was 6 at the time, and remember watching the advert in awe! The Sega Mega Drive Classic is a rebooted, mini version of that epic console.

Sega Mega Drive Classic - in the box

Key Information:

Firstly, there are 81 original 16 bit Sega Mega Drive games packed into the tiny classic console. Secondly, it has an RRP of £69.99. Thirdly, it comes with two wired controllers – no batteries required. Finally, the console connects to the TV via RCA connectors. (Remember the Red, White and Yellow cables from days of old)? Alternatively, you can purchase a SCART connection separately, but this device does not support HDMI connectivity.

Unlike the Nintendo classic consoles, the Mega Drive Classic is compatible with original mega drive cartridges. HOW AMAZING IS THAT! Admittedly, I was team Nintendo, so I don’t have any old cartridges. However, if you’ve got a copy of Landstalker collecting dust in your attic, you NEED this console in your life!

Sega Mega Drive Classic - unboxed

Which Sega Mega Drive Games are pre-installed?

The Mega Drive Classic comes with 81 games installed. I’ll be here all day if I list them all, so instead I am listing my top picks. You can view the full list here (Under Technical Specifications).

My top picks:

  • Columns
  • Golden Axe (1-3)
  • Mortal Kombat (1-3)
  • Sonic The Hedgehog (1-2)

How To Enter?

If you’d like to be in with a chance of winning this prize, all you need to do is fill in the form below. Don’t forget to comment, telling me your all time favourite computer game! (Mine is Super Mario Bros 3).

Don’t forget, this giveaway is only open to UK residents aged 18 and over. Finally, why not check out my other Giveaways.

Sega Mega Drive Classic Console Worth £69.99

447 thoughts on “Win a Sega Mega Drive Classic From Menkind

  1. Ahhh too many games to chose from… Alex kid, wonder boy and bank panic were a couple of my favourites as a child…. spyro, call of duty and pikmin are a couple of my now favourites 🙂

  2. A game called Frogger on an MSX device. The games from the 80s and before seem trivial and simple but they were such a step forward compared to what went before,

  3. It’s a tie between good old Tetris and Ratchet and Clank. Worms deserves an honourable mention too! Ooo and Rollcage, especially the ice level. If forced, I’d say Tetris was my absolute fave.

  4. This is going back a bit but it was the old tennis game that we had for a really old computer, I can’t remember what it was called.

  5. Oooh so many to choose from, Abe’s odessy, theme hospital, crash bandicoot, sonic and tails, halo, gta. Has to be call of duty for me, a game ive stuck by for years.

  6. It has to be Final Fantasy 7, it was one of the first games I played and I have replayed it countless times since. It really is my favourite without a doubt.

  7. Original Space Invaders…palpitations in time with the soundtrack,as it’s beat sped up,so did my heart rate 👽👽👽👽👽👽👽

  8. Mine is probably Final Fantasy VII as it was the first time that I realised that games could have a fascinating storyline as well as being fun. For pick up and go games I don’t think you can beat a mario game on any platform.

  9. Two games stand out as my favourites, Star Wars (the arcade version) and the classic Tempest! Still gets the fingers twitching when I think of them!

  10. My partner had a Sega Mega Drive as a child, but sadly got lost through time. He’d absolutely love another. He’s a big gamer and loves his PC games and consoles!

  11. Theme Hospital on my PlayStation (PS1) when I was a child! I’ve enjoyed lots of other games since, but nothing beats it, makes me feel so nostalgic!

  12. Bioshock, you can’t beat it, it’s incredible. From the minute you crash into the ocean and arrive at rapture you’re totally hooked and terrified. Seeing the big daddy for the first time too amazing

  13. Mine’s got to be Sonic The Hedgehog 🙂 i also loved star wars return of the jedi i played it daily as a kid on a commodore 64!!

  14. My favourites on the Sega were any sonic game I could get my hand on and Columns. I got excited when you mentioned Columns, nobody I talk to ever seems to have heard of it! I used to love the music on it too.

  15. I used to spend hours and hours playing a game called Dragon Crystal. I still play it on an emulator on my PC occasionally.

  16. Can’t fault Sonic the Hedgehog – I grew up on that – Reminiscing the past using the old cartridges makes it seem like it was a lifetime ago…

  17. Theme Hospital was my all time favourite. On Sega Megadrive though it has to be Toejam & Earl Panic on Funk-o-tron.

  18. I bought one of these for my brother for Christmas. I would loved to have kept it for myself! I used to love playing Sonic, Bubble Bobble, and I’m so glad Toejam and Earl is coming back! Out of newer games, I love the Borderland games.

  19. On the Sega it was Echo the Dolphin but my fave game of all time has got to be the Sims and the Final Fantasy Series I’ve been playing both loyally since childhood! Me and hubby are both big gamers!

  20. Oh wow this brings back memories I loved playing Mario and sonic this would be perfect for my boys I’d love playing this with them

  21. extremely tough question – would have to go for championship manager 97-98, just purely for the time i invested in it – i think i played it for about 10 years 🙂 much easier to use than all the later championship managers 😉

  22. I think my favourite ever is probably Monkey Island. I’ve got a lot of happy memories of playing it with my hubby years ago and now we’ve just introduced our 5 year old son to it and play it as a family. It’s so funny!

  23. All these new games are good in their way, but can you really beat the draw of Super Mario World on the SNES, I loved that game

  24. It’s a Mega drive game with Mickey Mouse. A pltform game with lots of levels but I can’t remember the name. Quackshot was great too

  25. Crash bandicoot was my all time fave! I got the new one a few weeks ago and it’s a lot harder than I remembered!

  26. Super Mario World (also known as super Mario Bros 4) on the SNES. So many new tricks and secrets and Nintendo bundled it with the console on launch! Fantastic.

  27. Favorite game of all time is Command and Conquer, but on the Mega Drive, probably The Chaos Engine, Robocop Vs. Terminator or Dune 2 – naturally anything SEGA released inhouse was amazing too!

  28. So many over the years…Speedball 2, Double Dragon, Parodius, R-TYPE, Resident Evil…

    But the all time fave has to be Final Fantasy VII. Still emotional!

  29. Mine is the Lion King on the sega mega drive. It is also my most frustrating game as well as my favourite. I have never completed it. It alludes me….I would love to have another chance.

  30. Emyln Hughes’s International Superstar Soccer on ZX Spectrum – I whipped my brother’s butt several times on that one…was always better at footie than him 😉

  31. I’ve been gaming for 40 years, so it’s hard to pick just one. A recent favourite is Witcher 3, I became so absorbed in that world!

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