Pregnant Ponderings – Pink VS Neutral

When I was expecting Sam, everyone (including the Midwife) repeatedly told me I was measuring small, and to expect a small baby.
We knew he was a boy, but I wanted mostly neutral stuff – just in case.
We spent a fortune on newborn & tiny baby clothes in preparation for our small baby arriving.

Sam arrived 3 days early & weighed in at a whopping…… 9lb exactly!
NOTHING fitted him!!
Hubby had to bring more clothes up to the hospital as we’d packed all small stuff for him.

This time around, I know I am having a girl, we have lots of unused
neutral stuff in small sizes, which I’m going to use (assuming she is
small enough), but my dilemma is this:
Do I wait til she arrives before buying larger, gender specific clothes,
or do I take a lucky guess & buy girly stuff in advance?!

I am tempted to buy some more neutral things in 0-3m, but I know that
once she arrives & I am sure she is a she, these will probably not
be used much.

Then again, these “I love Mummy” & “I love Daddy” Sleepsuits from Next are pretty adorable, and I reckon Hubby would love his Princess’s first outfit to be the Daddy one!!

Next have a similar Sleepsuit set available in Pink – I’m not a huge Pink fan, but these are very cute, so I’d make an exception.

So…. Do I take the plunge & buy Pink, or play it safe & go for neutral?!

Answers on a postcard, please!

*This is not a sponsored post*

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