Video Blog – How To Inject Clexane

Well here it is… The video of me injecting Clexane.
I posted a blog last week warning people this post was coming up.
If you don’t like injections… don’t hit play!!

You’ll need the volume up loud to hear me – I only recorded it on my phone, so the sound isn’t great!!

I am well aware I look rough as hell – I’ve got a 9 month old son & am 6 months pregnant. I rarely look anything but crap!
I am also well aware I sound common as hell – this is why I don’t do many videos involving me actually speaking!

I hope this video is helpful to some people.

Forgotten what Clexane is?!
It’s a blood thinner usually given to women who have had a caesarian section to help prevent DVT.
I have got stupidly thick blood so am high risk of DVT during pregnancy, thanks to my back and hip pain.
For that reason, I have to inject daily to thin my blood & prevent DVT or clots on the placenta.

PS excuse my horrible flabby belly!!

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