Maternity Swimwear Musings

We take Sam swimming as often as we can (which, in all honesty is about once a month at the moment). I am now 8 months pregnant, and I have to accept I cannot fit into my standard swimsuit any more!

I wasn’t going to bother buying a maternity swimsuit, but now I am considering the possibility of a water birth. So being the prude I am, I’d like a tankini so I can stay as covered as possible for as long as possible! I have spent a few hours browsing online stores looking for maternity tankinis, and I have to say they are few and far between. So far, I have only found them in Next and Marks and Spencer, and bikini’s in Vertbaudet and New Look.

The Next Tankini is available in sizes 8-22 and costs £30.
The M&S Tankini is available in sizes 8-20. It costs £31.50 but you can choose different sized top and bottoms – ideal if you’ve got a small bust like me!
The New Look “Mamalicious” Bikini is available in sizes S-XL (8-14) and costs £25.99.
The Vertbaudet Bikini is available in sizes 6-20 and costs £35.

I personally am not looking for a swimsuit, as it kind of defeats the point of why I am buying swimwear, but if you are looking for a cheaper option, there are plenty available.

The George Swimsuit is available in sizes 8-20 and costs £14.
The Matalan Swimsuit is available in sizes 8-20 and costs £14.
The H&M swimsuit is available in sizes 10-20 and costs £14.99

It seems you pay pretty much double for a tankini or bikini than you do a swimsuit.
I think I’ll have to mull it over for a bit longer before I decide whether or not to buy one.

If you had a water birth, what did you wear? Am I being silly to think I’ll wear a tankini in there? And which (if any) would you buy at this point in your pregnancy?

This is not a sponsored post – I”m just brainstorming!

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