Maternity Wear By Vertbaudet

I was recently sent some white linen maternity trousers, a nursing top, and a nursing bra from Vertbaudet to test. The first thing which struck me was the excellent quality of the pieces. They felt luxurious, and definitely helped me stay cool in the recent hot weather.

I am quite tall, so I have to admit I was somewhat nervous about the maternity trousers fitting me lengthwise. My concerns were unfounded, though. The 85cm inner leg was perfect for me. I also loved the fact I could roll them up, so I got 2 different looks in 1. I have practically lived in these trousers recently. They are really comfy to wear, true to size, light and breathable. They wash really well and iron easily. They have an over the bump waistband, which helps keep the trousers up. They retail at £39, and while they aren’t the cheapest maternity trousers out there, this is definitely a case of, “You get what you pay for.” They are the comfiest maternity trousers I have worn to date, and I have worn lots! If you are looking for something to keep you cool in the hot weather, these are a must buy! They are available in White, Grey and Dark Blue.

I have tried on the top and maternity bra, and I have to say I was surprised at how roomy the top, in particular was. I am 34 weeks pregnant in the photo below, and my bump fitted into it easily. (I’ll grant you my bump isn’t huge, but this top will definitely hide those post baby lumps and bumps I hated last time around). The access panel for feeding is different to other tops I have tried, too. It is basically a slit down the total length of the front of the top, with a 2nd piece of fabric behind it. It seems like it will be great for nursing, but I will update this review once I have put it to the test. The top retails at £27, and is available in Grey, Black and Red (which looks Coral to me on the website). I am yet to wash the top, so again I will update this review once I have worn and washed the top.

The maternity bra I was sent is much comfier than other nursing bras I have worn. It feels more like a crop top, or sports bra as it has no bra clasps or clips, and no adjustable shoulder straps. It is 100% cotton, and has a deep, cross over V at the front and back. I am not sure it will be something I wear under clothes when out and about, but for pre-baby and night time feeding in the warm weather, It is ideal. I am small chested, and it supports me well enough. I am not sure it would offer enough support if you are a larger cup size, but again – for night time feeding, it would be comfier than a standard nursing bra which has clasps and clips. It washes well and is available in band sizes 34 to 48.

All in all, the Vertbaudet products get a huge thumbs up from me. I will update this post once I have worn the top and bra for nursing Robyn. If you want to give Vertbaudet clothes a try, they are currently offering £15 off a £20 spend on full priced items – click HERE to benefit from this offer – it expires on 30th June 2012.

Here’s a snapshot of me wearing the Nursing top and Maternity trousers. As always, excuse the state of me! 11 month old babies and being 34 weeks pregnant do not help you “bloom” during pregnancy, in my experience! Remember the top is NOT maternity wear, so the cut will look much better without my huge baby bump inside it! I will add a new photo once Robyn has arrived and I can wear the top as it was meant to be worn – for nursing!

This is not a sponsored post. I was sent the clothing to review, but all words and thoughts are my own.

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