Be Looming Amazing

The national Autism society is getting involved with the current Loom Band craze. They are sending people out backs of bands and cards to pop completed bracelets onto so you can sell them to raise money for the charity! If you want more information, or would like a pack, check out their website HERE.

(photo credit to @kelly_liddle)

I have never tried to make loom bands before. I don’t own a loom, but I am a dab hand with YouTube… I am planning on using tutorials on there for loom-free bands to whip up a batch to sell to my friends and family. I may even just buy them myself, and then gift them to people.

The idea is for children affected by autism to make them, but I think I’ll do them on Sam’s behalf! (I was a kid once, after all)! So if there’s a loom band fan in your house, and you want to help this amazing charity, why not order a pack today?

If you want to share this campaign or the bracelets you make, please tag @autism in your tweets and use the hashtag #BeLoomingAmazing to help spread the word!

I will blog again once my pack arrives to share my (probably rubbish) loom-free attempts with you.

This is not a sponsored post… I saw, I liked, I shared – simples!

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