Today, I’m sharing my feelings on the fact there’s STILL no SEND School Place. Sam is 4 now, he should have started Reception class last month. He has “Low functioning” Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder and he is non verbal. This means that a mainstream school place is not suitable for him.

We live in Salford. Here, there is one SEND Primary school, which educates all children who can’t manage in mainstream. This school had 3 alleged cases of abuse towards non verbal boys recently, and the Headteacher’s response when I asked her about it left us unwilling to send our son there.

STILL no SEND School Place

Sam’s EHCP was submitted in January, it took until JULY for it to be returned to us. Now… all the SEND schools are full. We’ve been told that all of the schools in Trafford, Bolton and Wigan are also full. We are now waiting to hear back from schools in Rochdale and Bury, but have been warned not to get our hopes up, as they are likely to be at capacity too.

So what happens next? We could apply to schools even further away; knowing Sam will fall asleep on the journey home and then be awake most of the night. We could home-school him. (I have to be 100% honest here, I don’t think I’d be able to cope doing this, as I am usually so exhausted thanks to Mr Insomniac himself). We could move. Or not! If we were in a position to move, we would have done it years ago. Alas, Hubby’s self employment means we wouldn’t get another mortgage. Plus, we’d end up being in negative equity if we sold our house now.

So…. We are stuck in limbo land – STILL! Sam is falling further behind his peers, while doing a meagre 2 hours and 15 minutes a day in his private nursery.

OH – I almost forgot – Salford are opening a new 18 place Autism Provision for Primary school kids. Sam, however isn’t eligible for a place as he is too “low functioning” – Seriously!¬†Frustrated doesn’t cover it any more.

Finally, I really hope we are the only ones having such a struggle finding a school place to meet the needs of our SEND child. But I suspect there’s a lot more of us out there!

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