One of “Those” Days

I have decided today is definitely one of “THOSE” days!

First Sam woke up at least 10 times between 1am & 7am because
he’d spat his dummy out. I was on my hands & knees using my iPhone
as a torch hunting under his cot for it at least 5 of those 10 times!

Then his new size 4 (YES size 4) Huggins nappy leaked.

Then we went back to sleep & slept through his breakfast time!

Next up… The washing machine had jammed shut so I got hubby to open
it & 10 litres of water gushed all over the kitchen floor!

It doesn’t end there!

Sam was having some nappy off time (he seems to poop better when his
nappy is off) & started straining so I stood him up & he peed
all over! Cushions, play mat, my seat in his playroom…..

And of course I have no washing machine to clean anything which fell victim to pee-gate!!

I told you…. It’s one of “THOSE” days!

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