Teething Troubles

Sam is 11 months old now, and in that time he has cut 2 teeth. Both at the same time, in January. He was grumpy and had a temperature last time around, but that was pretty much it.

For the past few days, he has been very red cheeked, grumpy, waking in the night, and now I have added poop-central and a very sore bum to his teething woes. He woke at 6am today & got up with Daddy so I could have a much needed lie in. I got up at around 10am and was greeted by a fresh poop filled nappy. I changed it and noticed his bum was a bit angry and sore looking (something Sam rarely has), so I put on a bit of sudocrem.

At 11.45am, I smelt disaster. Upon placing him on his changing mat (on the floor), I was in the process of getting down to change him (not easy at 8 months pregnant). He kicked me as I sat and I fell over. Cue me crying, him crying and the smell getting worse by the second. As I removed his clothes, I realised I was about to be faced with a poop-splosion – not something I am faced with very often. It was everywhere. It took me the best part of a full packet of wipes to clean it off, followed by an emergency bath.

His bum is now looking the sorest it ever has done – his skin is broken, red, angry looking and painful. My poor little man. I didn’t use soap to clean him in the bath as it was too sore looking. I let him air dry on lots of towels on our bed, having nappy free time, and then I put his cream and a nappy on. I flipped him onto his back while I put some cream onto his dry skin and he passed out. Seriously – mid massage, he just flaked out, bless him. He had an hour’s sleep while I chilled out and read my book – a luxury during the day as he usually has a 20 minute nap at best.

He’s now in his PJs and seems much happier. Suddenly I am realising why teething is hell for so many people. I guess we got off lightly last time. God help us if he cuts any more before the baby is born – not sure my back and hips can keep up with all these nappy changes!!

He is happily playing, and calpol and gel-free for now. I think we’ll snuggle up and watch a DVD this afternoon. Not quite the Bank Holiday Sunday we had planned, but between my sore back and hips, his sore bum and grumpiness, and the whole family’s exhaustion, I feel a chilled day will be more successful than the trip to legoland we had planned on for today.

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