What Next With Weaning

Sam is 11 months old now and is happily munching away on most stuff I feed him (Emphasis on me feeding him). He will do the odd bit of baby led weaning but is spoon fed for the most part. I am now wondering when I start to give him the spoon?

Is there a sign I look out for, or do I just let him take the lead? If he throws the spoon constantly, does that mean it’s too soon? I am feeling a bit confused about it all if I’m honest.

I have tried to give him a spoon or fork but he just chews them (without food on) and then throws them on the floor.

Comments with helpful advice are welcomed with open arms!

If you have written a blog post on how you managed to successfully move from you feeding your baby to your baby taking the lead, please feel free to post a link to your post below so we can all share our experiences and the advice.

Thank you in advance!

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