First CBeebies Birthday Card

I cannot believe Sam is 1 in 33 days’ time! Today, I posted off his 1st birthday card to CBeebies!
I remember being a kid and watching, with adrenaline pumping for my birthday card to be shown on TV – it never was. Probably because my parents never sent one in. I vowed when I was about 6 or 7 that I would send one in for my children every year – and I intend to!

This year, my Big Sis did the honours of making Sam’s card (She’s the Arty one)! Here’s his card! It is A2 size, so HUGE! It cost the best part of a fiver to post to the CBeebies studios – which is less than 3 miles from my blooming house!

Here’s the card…

A lot of people have asked me how you send them in, so I am going to give all the info below.
(This is all correct as of today – 2nd May 2012).

1). You should Send your card so that it arrives at least four weeks before the birthday.
2). Don’t roll the card into a postage tube.
3). Put the child’s first name and age on the front of the birthday card.
4). Put your message and the date of the birthday on the back of the card – not the front.
5). A2 is the maximum size your card should be.
6). Your card must be landscape, not portrait as this is easier to show on TV.
7). If you are including a photo of the child, just using their head & shoulders works best.
8). Make sure there are no logos on your child’s clothes (such as brand logos or a school jumper).
9). If you are including a TV character, please make sure that you only use one from CBeebies.
10). Cards CAN NOT be returned, and CBeebies cannot guarantee all cards will be shown.

Post your card to:
PO Box 1234
M5 0DN

I found the info HERE

Let me know if you’ve ever sent one in, and how your child reacted if it was shown. And if you send one in on the back of this post, let me know the date so I can keep an eye open for your card!

This is not a sponsored post!

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