Happy Birthday Batman

Dear Batman, a year ago today, you made your grand entrance into the world.
In true Diva style, you arrived early and gatecrashed your Grandma’s 50th birthday!
Life hasn’t really slowed down much since your speedy delivery!

You were nicknamed Batman from when you were just 2mm in size, and you’re still called this more often than not now, despite wearing clothes for a 2-3 year old! Yes, you are huge for your age! You have been since day 1, really. Strangers assume you’re a fully fledged, walking, talking toddler – you’re not! You’ve mastered crawling, and causing chaos, but walking and talking are skills you are yet to master. There’s no rush! I am sure once your baby sister arrives, you’ll be telling her to be quiet when you want to!

Things you love:
1). Watching Raa Raa the Noisy Lion
2). Playing with your building blocks
3). Milkies
4). Cuddles – especially in the morning in Mummy and Daddy’s bed!
5). Crawling around causing chaos

Things you hate:
1). Having your nappy changed
2). Getting dry after your bath
3). Other babies in your play room – this will be interesting when Robyn arrives soon!
4). Your Green phone being put where it belongs – on your baby walker
5). Having your face washed!

You have an incredible knack for wrapping your Mummy and Daddy around your little finger. In fact, you seem able to do this to most people! From day 1, you have had an incredible knack for wooing everyone who crossed your path.
I’m not sure if that’s down to your gorgeousness, your crazy long
eyelashes, which you seem to know exactly when to flutter, or your
genuine cheeky chappie attitude! You have an amazingly cheeky smile, and it is infectious! Even when you have had Mummy and Daddy up all night, one smile from you cheers us up and reminds us just how much we love you.

You are about to become a big brother and I cannot wait to see how you adapt to having a baby sister around. I am sure you’ll adore her, and I look forward to seeing your bond grow stronger in the months and years ahead.

Birthday Gifts:
You are a very lucky boy! You got so many presents, the living room looks like Santa’s Grotto!
Daddy also got very excited and bought helium, Batman balloons and 1st birthday balloons for you!
I will do another blog post soon, all about your special day and what we all got up to!

In the meantime, Happy Birthday Sam Sam.
Lots of love from Mummy xxx

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