Early Baby Led Weaning

Sydney is 20 weeks old this week. It is SCARY how fast time flies!
For well over a month, she has watched everyone eating, every single mealtime.
She cries whenever we are eating, too.

It is painful to watch, as she gives you her big, puppy-dog eyes and holds out her hand to you.
I know these are all HUGE indicators she is ready to start weaning, but I am not sure if she is ready for Baby Led Weaning.

She can’t yet sit unaided (not for more than a few seconds, anyways). I know this is the main thing your baby should be doing before you embark on BLW.
She was sleeping through (apart from waking for her dummy) for a few weeks, but is now waking more, as if the milk no longer fills her).
Syd has prescription only Milk, so can’t have anything with dairy products in it.

So, my first question is: Am I meant to make her wait until she can before I begin weaning altogether?

I wanted to do baby led weaning with Sam, but he was desperate for food at 14 weeks, so I spoon fed him. He then got used to the spoon, and refused to feed himself until VERY recently. I don’t want to make the same mistake again, but at the same time, Sam was almost 8 Months old before he could confidently sit unaided for the duration of a meal – surely this is waaaaaaay too late to start weaning?!

So…. Do I start BLW now (at 20 weeks)?
Do I wait until she is sitting unaided and continue with just milk in the meantime?
Do I spoon feed for now, then switch to BLW as soon as she is ready?!

All advice appreciated!!

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