The Lowry’s New Lookout

Earlier this week, we were invited along to the opening of The Lookout – the new children’s area within The Lowry. We were joined there by Alex Winters, as well as lots of other Blogging families.

(Photographer: Andrew Robinson)

The Lookout is on the 2nd floor of the Lowry Museum, and offers great views of the Quays, and over towards the Lowry Outlet Mall. Within the Lookout, there’s a dedicated space for under 5s to relax with a book or play
some games. Older children can take inspiration from the glorious views of
the Quays and put their drawings skills to the test. It  is open everyday (Sun-Fri 11am to 5pm, Sat 10am to 5pm), and is free to use.

There will be regular Children’s events taking place within the Lookout. We went to a craft session, which was aimed at kids a bit older than my two. The older children were shown how to make War Horse puppets. They were provided with all the materials to do so, and got to take them away at the end. The kids seemed to really enjoy this activity, and it was fab seeing their parents helping them, too.

While this activity was going on, Sydney was busy snoozing in her pram. (There was plenty of space to pop it to the side of the room while she napped). Sam and I got comfy in the book area, and I read him some stories. There were blocks, paper, pencils, jigsaws and several other toys for younger children in this area. The thing which Sam enjoyed the most was the views. He spent ages sat on the windowsill, watching the world go by.

While I sat there with him, I kept thinking the people milling around below looked like they’d stepped straight out of a Lowry painting. I think L.S. Lowry would have loved to see so many children being inspired to embrace art in his name.

(Photographer: Andrew Robinson)

After the War Horse craft session, we were joined by Alex from cBeebies. He entertained the kids with two amazing stories. Sam slept through this session (typically)! Syd was wide awake and loved it, though! Alex did a brilliant job taking the kids on a “bear hunt” through the Lookout – it was fab to see them all so happy and excited. Even Syd was clapping and laughing at their giddiness!

I am a huge Lowry fan, and have visited the museum previously, so we didn’t do the tour. The gallery regularly has other artists’ work on show, as well as a lot of LS Lowry’s too.

I have been a Lowry fan since I went on a school trip as a kid, and saw his work for myself. I loved the fact his work featured so many places from my own city – especially “Old Church And Steps”

This painting is of an area in Middleton – my home town in 1960. Spot how many legs are on the dog at the front of the painting…!

This photograph is the same building in 2003. It was no longer a church at this point.

(Photo Credit to Manchester Evening News).

Sadly, the building has now been demolished, but the steps are still there. I spent forever looking for a print of this Lowry painting a few years ago. It wasn’t available to buy then, but the lovely staff at The Lowry scanned a book page featuring it for me and posted it out. I still have that image pressed inside a book! I have found out that the print is now available to buy, so it’s on my Christmas list!

Getting back to our day at The Lookout – we had a brilliant time, and I will definitely be going back! There are loads of activities for kids, at The Lowry, and I think we will be checking out some of those as well! If you’re planning a visit, definitely set aside half an hour or so to relax and get arty in the Lookout! It’s free to get into The museum, but donations are encouraged.

We were also provided with breakfast and lunch during our day, and I have to say, the food was amazing! I will definitely be visiting the Tower Coffee Shop next time we visit!

This is not a sponsored post. We attended the day to review it, but all words and opinions are my own.

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