Today I am sharing a progress update on Sydney And School. Sydney is 3 and started full time school nursery in September. (Schools in Salford give all 3 year olds the option of attending full time). I blog so often about the fact that Sam doesn’t have a school place, that I figured it was time I share how well Syd’s doing in school…

Sydney And School - First day in nursery 2015

Sydney And School

In the past 6 weeks, her confidence has grown in ways which have amazed me. Sydney’s speech has continued to evolve. Additionally, her academic strengths have been nurtured and encouraged by her teacher and the TA’s in her class.

She gets “homework” every Friday, and I have to be honest… I think this is more for the school to get an idea on how life is at home, than for academic reasons. Syd brings home a new reading book for us to read together. Additionally, there’s a question or 2 written in her work book for us to ask Syd after we’ve read together. I have to record her answers in the book and then return it to school the following Friday.

Every other week, Sydney also brings home a nursery rhyme colouring sheet for us to teach her the song and get her to colour in the picture. So far, she’s known all the nursery rhymes they’ve sent home though. The weeks without colouring are all about LetterLand. This is a Phonics system which uses rhymes, songs and characters to teach children to identify and write letters. Syd LOVES these (as do I).


I am really happy with the progress she is making, and how well she has settled into school life. (Syd used to scream blue murder every time we dropped her at the private nursery Sam still attends, but she walks into school happily most days).

Yesterday, Sydney started singing this song, which I haven’t taught her. I was amazed when she began subtracting the cups – Who knew nursery rhymes were used for teaching maths! Also, I couldn’t help but say “Aww” when she called the Baker’s shop the “Maker” shop. Her language is coming on so much, there aren’t many mispronounced words left now.

It’s half term now, so it’ll be interesting to see how Sydney gets on once she’s back in school. In the meantime though… I’m super proud of my little smart pants and am looking forward to getting up to a little mischief with her next week.

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