If you follow me on instagram, chances are you have seen at least one of my #SydsHair photos…¬†Someone said to me last week that I really should do an easy Hairstyle ideas for young girls blog post, so this is exactly that! I thought I’d start by explaining how I manage to practise these hair styles on a 3 year old child. (Or younger, as she was when some of these photos were taken)…


easy Hairstyle Ideas For Young Girls - kids styling head

Yep… that’s right – My Guinea Pig is a Little Mermaid styling head aimed at kids aged 3+

Easy Hairstyle Ideas For Young Girls

I have spent hours watching youtube hair tutorials and practising on Ariel. I find it really calming.

When it comes to getting Syd to sit still, this is my approach… Firstly, we put Peppa Pig on her iPad, and give her some fruit or a biscuit to munch on. This usually buys me upto 15 minutes to do her hair without any fuss. Some days she will sit for longer, some days she gets restless after a few minutes.

Most days, Syd has her hair in 2 pigtails for school. Now the kids are both at school, I only really have time to do funky hairstyles at the weekends or during school holidays.

I thought I’d share a few of the hairstyles I have done on Syd and the youtube videos I got the idea from…

Fishtail Plaits

easy Hairstyle ideas for young girls fishtail plaits

This is a photo from around 2 years ago, and Syd is rockin’ 2 fishtail plaits. These pigtails do take around 10 minutes each to do, as they work best if you take teeny weeny strands of hair. I love the end result, so it’s worth it!. Here’s a tutorial to do it yourself!

Criss – cross reverse braids

Hairstyle Ideas For Young Girls - crossover braids

I can’t remember where I saw this criss-cross braid tutorial, and I can’t find the video on youtube. This isn’t the best photo, but it’s a super cute hairstyle. I may just have to do a tutorial for this myself, seeing as the one I used has gone AWOL…! (Watch this space)!

Post criss – cross braids

Curly hair Hairstyle Ideas For Young Girls

This was Sydney’s hair the day after the criss-cross braids. I always spray Syd’s hair with salt-water before braiding as it holds it in place well and adds a bit of texture to her silky smooth hair. This results in amazing beach-style curls the next day. Have hair envy!

Topsy Tail fun

Remember Topsy Tails?! I used to love having my hair like this in the 90’s. It’s a super cute and easy way to keep Syd’s hair out of her face on hot sunny days – Remember those…? This video shows you how to do the style using the topsytail loop, but I just part the hair behind syd’s bobble and thread her ponytail through there to do it without the loop. This is one of my favourite easy Hairstyle ideas for young girls.

Love Heart hair

love heart hair Hairstyle Ideas For Young Girls

The above hairstyle is another Topsytail inspired one. I did a reverse topsy tail. (So the ponytail was threaded from the bottom, behind the hair band and up to the top). I then split the ponytail in two and did two fishtail plaits. Finally, I secured them at the bottom and the plaits made a love heart shape. This is a super cute Valentines Day hairstyle.

Princess Leia Hair

easy Princess Leia Hair tutorial

I used two donut rings (Or sock buns if you prefer) to transform Syd into Princess Leia! Next, I stuck in a few hair pins (aka Bobby Pins or Kirby Grips) to secure it in place. The style held all day without the need for hairspray!

Curling Wand Hair

Curly Hair Hairstyle Ideas For Young Girls

During half term, Syd asked for curly hair, so I dug out my curling wand and set to work. It took me around 15 minutes to curl her hair. I used two mini hair pins to secure the two curls closest to her face behind her head so they weren’t driving her mad all day. Sydney loved looking like a princess! This will definitely be a go-to party hairstyle in future – it’s so cute.

What is your daughter’s go-to hairstyle? Syd keeps asking for Rapunzel hair, but I’m not sure I can pull that one out of the bag just yet…! I hope these easy Hairstyle ideas for young girls have been useful. Finally, check out more of my¬† parenting posts here.


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