Today is World Book Day, so children all over the UK (and world, I assume) are going to school dressed as their favourite book characters. I asked Syd a few weeks ago who she wanted to go dressed as, and she picked Sophie from the Tiger who came to tea. I was very pleased with the choice… Until I realised I’d have to make some funky patterned tights as they can’t be bought for love nor money. I was very relieved pleased when Sydney declared last week that she wanted to go dressed as MOG. (From Meg and Mog for World Book Day – not to be confused Mog the forgetful cat, as hubby did).

Meg and Mog for World Book Day

I figured that the easiest way to create the costume for Mog from Meg and Mog for World Book Day was… A stripy jumper, black leggings and socks, a cat tail and some kitty ears, It turned out they were much easier to come by than the funky patterned tights were proving to be. I wasn’t wrong!

Meg and Mog for World Book Day

I got the stripy top from Asda (£5). Her cat ears and cat tail cost £6 in a local fancy dress shop, but you can get them on Amazon, too. Syd already had black leggings.

I did Syd’s nose, mouth and whiskers with a waterproof liquid eye liner. It cost me £1.50 in Superdrug. (I’m going to have fun getting that off later, aren’t I)!

Giddy Mog Alert!

Drawing on a wriggley, excited three year old is no easy task, so it’s not perfect. She looks like some kind of cat-bunny hybrid to me, but Sydney was more than pleased with the end result! I put her hair in 2 buns, right behind her cat ears. In the end, I figured that if she took off her headband, she would still have cat ears, then!

I have to say, for my first attempt at a world book day costume, I am pretty pleased with the results. What do you think? Did your little one dress up today? Finally, if you enjoyed this post, check out my family category.

DIY Meg and Mog for World Book Day Costume - pin

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