Yesterday, I was struck down by the lurgy. This meant hubby and Syd had the day to themselves. They spent the morning at the Trafford Centre. They perused the shops, had some lunch and then took part in Finding Dory at SeaLife Manchester.

Finding Dory at Sealife

In case you haven’t heard, SEA LIFE Manchester have teamed up with Disney•Pixar to enable its visitors to experience “Finding Dory” for themselves. Visitors are led on an interactive trail by one of the movie’s star sea creatures, Hank (voice of Ed O’Neill), a cantankerous Octopus.

Finding Dory at Sealife

Finding Dory at Sealife dot to dot

If you haven’t seen the film yet (like us)… Disney•Pixar’s Finding Dory tells the story of Dory’s quest to find her own family. With the help of Nemo and Marlin and new characters like Hank… That she meets at a Californian marine rehabilitation centre and aquarium.

Hubby and Syd spent 90 minutes walking around and exploring the tanks. They sat down and Syd did a couple of activity sheets too – including the above dot to dot! She then spent another hour in the soft play area, while Hubby took advantage of the new – super cool Costa Coffee machine!

If you’re planning on visiting Sealife Manchester over the Summer holidays, it’s worth booking your tickets in advance. For a limited time, you can save upto 50% when you book online!

I asked Sydney afterwards if she enjoyed Finding Dory at Sealife, and she told me that she didn’t find her, but did find lots and lots of Nemos!

Finding Dory at Sealife

We are Sealife Manchester Ambassadors and visit a lot. I can’t wait to get down there myself over the Summer to experience Finding Dory for myself! Have you been yet? Finally, read more of our events posts here.

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