I haven’t been blogging much recently, as life has once again got in the way. The kids started back at school a few weeks ago, and I had hoped to get back into a routine of blogging regularly again. Unfortunately, busy times means it hasn’t panned out that way.

Busy Times

Sam’s not sleeping well again, so I have been up most nights with him. As a result, by the time evening rolls around… I’m too tired to focus on my laptop screen or type a coherent sentence. I used to get around this by blogging during the day when the kids were in school, but that hasn’t been happening for several reasons…

Firstly, hubby hasn’t been too good recently. I’m not sure if I have blogged about it before… But he was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis last year. Since then, his health hasn’t been great. He feels better when he gets time outdoors. So he’s been spending a lot of time at our allotment during the day and working evenings instead. I tag along for the coffee and cake at the garden centre over the road!


This month, Hubby’s been diagnosed with diabetes too. As it stands, the specialists can’t decide whether he is Type 1 or 2. Or possibly a new Hybrid type (1.5) which is an auto-immune disorder. This makes the most sense as his Arthritis is an auto-immune disorder too. We’ve been to lots of appointments this month, and more are planned going forward. I told you these were busy times!

In between that, I’m still trying to clear out my late mum’s house. She passed away suddenly earlier this year. So far, emptying 62 years worth of family possessions out of the home is painstakingly slow work. I have found plenty of treasures like my school timetable from 1998… And this school project though, so it’s not all bad…

Busy Times - A school project I did in 1996.

Add into the equation my new Younique and Jamberry addictions… There just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done that I want to. I am hoping my blogging mojo will return soon. Fingers crossed I’ll be back to posting regularly once my Mum’s house is sorted, and I have more time during school hours to write. Until then, I am still here. I have been posting on youtube and instagram fairly regularly, so you can keep up with what’s happening over there. Busy times haven’t calmed my social media addiction!

I have to say, 2016 has been a pretty rubbish year all round. I’m looking forward to saying goodbye to it in a few months’ time and starting 2017 afresh. Hopefully with more time and energy to do the things I love. (Writing, sleeping and eating cake)! Finally, why not check out more of my random ramblings here.

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