I don’t know about your kids, but mine aren’t really big fans of being outdoors when it’s cold, wet and miserable. Our back garden turns into a swamp when the weather is like this, so they can’t just play outside either. I asked some fellow bloggers for ideas and inspiration, and this 10 ways to keep kids active during Winter blog post was the result!

10 Ways To Keep Kids Active During Winter


Syd absolutely loves to put on shows. She got a microphone for Christmas, but before that, she was happy enough to sing and dance for us without it. She would spend ages practising her routines and then we all clap and cheer when she’s finished her performance. I love that this costs nothing and gives her so much joy. It’s even more fun when there’s more than 1 child to be part of the show too! This is a cute Video of Syd performing one such show a good while back!


Jayne at stickymudandbellylaughs.com said: “We have scavenger hunts in the woods, collecting bits and bobs for our crafts. It’s a fun way to get some fresh air with the kids”. This is a fab way to keep kids active during Winter – Don’t you agree?

My daughter would love this on a cold, dry day! As long as she was well wrapped up and had her wellies on! How’s this for a fab Scavenger Hunt list I found online!

keep kids active during Winter


We go for a lot of family walks. When the kids were younger, I frequently used, “We’re going on a bear hunt” as a way to keep them happy / entertained. We also went into “The Big Bad Wood” a few times, and even found “The Gruffalo’s Cave” once! Where will your imaginations take you?

keep kids active during Winter - woodland walk


Terri over at thestrawberryfountain.com said: If it’s too cold or wet to go out I do a treasure hunt around the house. Sometimes with clues, sometimes without, usually for their teddies or some chocolate coins. It’s great fun and gets the boys were together too.

I remember spending hours as a child writing out clues for my friend to follow to find the “Treasure” – I’m definitely going to give this a go with my kids! I found these fab printable clues online to explain the types of clues better than I could – Hooray for Pinterest!

Indoor Treasure Hunt


My kids both love trampolining! We have one in the back garden, but it’s out of bounds all Winter as the garden is one huge puddle. I was spending a fortune on Trampoline parks, until we got a “My Rebounder” indoor mini trampoline for kids. Sam in particular has taken a real shine to this, and it’s saved our mattresses from being bounced on! Sam has autism, so finding activities he loves in Winter is a real challenge – My Rebounder is by far his favourite “active” thing to do in the house. Check out my full review here.

10 ways to keep kids active during Winter


Jemma over at mayflowerblogs.com said: If it’s raining out and freezing cold, we have a dance party! We have music on, disco lights going and we dance until they can’t dance anymore! Fun and great to keep them active even when the weather is rubbish!”

I love this idea!We do it quite often as well!


Our Two dogs need to be walked every day, no matter how bad the weather is. Syd is usually happy to get wrapped up toasty and warm, and come exploring the woods with us . Especially if she’s wearing her wellies and given permission to jump in muddy puddles! The end result usually involves at least One – if not Three emergency baths when we get home! (The below photo was the aftermath of a walk on New Year’s Day)!

Walk the dogs


Amy over at verymuchsoblog.co.uk says:We try and embrace the weather. Wrap up warm, put on our waterproofs and wellies and go out to look for puddles!

We are the same on cold days – it’s wet ones that we struggle the most with, although with coats like this, they are warmer than me most days!

keep kids active during Winter


One thing which keeps both of my kids active (but makes me want to cry) is Soft Play! I’ll be honest – I avoid this wherever and whenever I can as the noise makes my head want to explode. I can’t deny it though – the kids definitely let off plenty of steam when we do go! Our local one serves healthy food choices too, so we are more fortunate than a lot of other people are.


Emily over at twinmummyanddaddy.com has signed herself up to complete R.E.D January (Run Every Day in January) for Mind. She says: My girls (5) wanted to do a challenge as well, so I’ve signed them up to a 5 mile challenge. We’ve broken it down into kilometres so it’ll be 8 runs of 1k. They’ve done 2 already and love it! Even more so knowing they’ll get a medal at the end of it! <

I love this idea! I’m sure if I told Syd about my yoga every day challenge, she would want to take part too! She’s not much of a runner, though! I’m doing R.E.D. January too – you can read more about my own journey here

So there you have it – 10 ideas to keep your kids active during colder days. Is there another activity you’d like to add to the list?

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