Today, I thought I’d share how our Christmas went. I can’t believe it’s New Year’s Eve already! This year seems to have flown by. (Don’t they all, though). My Mum used to say “Some days go on forever, but the years fly by” – She wasn’t wrong!

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was a fairly quiet day here. Sam had me up at 2am, so I was exhausted. The day involved lots of TV watching – Including The Muppets Christmas Carol. Santa “facetimed” Sam via Portable North Pole – which made both kids super excited! I have loved how much they have both got into Christmas this year. Sam especially seems to love it all!

We had a little buffet for tea, which was a big success. We thought ahead and put a plate of treats on the table for the dogs. They sat under the table nicely waiting for me to slip them a treat – Much better than them jumping up at the table!

Once we all had full bellies, the kids discovered the matching PJs all 4 of us had. We all went for baths and got into our matchy matchy Christmas Jammies…

our Christmas Day

Once we were all sat down, we watched The Snowman, followed by The Snowman and the Snowdog. After this, we settled down and hubby read The Night Before Christmas. (This is my favourite part of Xmas Eve)! Then Syd sprinkled some reindeer food outside, left a carrot, glass of milk and mince pie out for Father Christmas and his Reindeer. Finally, she hung her stocking and went to bed. Sam took himself off to bed before the Snowdog was finished, and was asleep by the time Syd got upstairs!

Christmas Eve Night

Parents have lots of important jobs to do on Christmas Eve. St Nick brings the kids ONE gift each in this house – plus lots from Mum and Dad. We had loads of jobs to do on Christmas Eve, but Syd decided she couldn’t sleep alone thanks to some fireworks spooking her. So of course, hubby fell asleep in Syd’s bed with her, and I was left to sort everything. It took me until after Midnight to get everything done.

Our Christmas Morning

Poor Syd woke at 4am, having a nose bleed. Hubby sorted her and left me to sleep while Syd opened her stocking which was hung on her bedroom door. Santa had filled it as she slept! They woke me up at 5.30am, and Sam was still asleep! Hubby made breakfast while Syd and I waited patiently in the lounge. He brought breakfast up to the lounge and we all took it in turns opening gifts. Sam was STILL asleep!

Finally, Sam came down at 7am, and clever St Nicholas had unboxed all of his toys and popped them into a wrapped cardboard box, so he could see them all without unwrapping anything. (He hates unwrapping gifts). He came into the lounge, picked up his new tablet and disappeared to the kitchen while Syd finished unwrapping. Syd, hubby and I opened all of our gifts while Sam ate his breakfast in the kitchen.

Sydney and I took the dogs for a walk once we were dressed, while Hubby made Christmas Dinner and Sam played with his new tablet. “Mama Syd” brought her new doll and pram along for the walk.

Christmas Lunch

Once we were home, I played with the kids while Hubby made the dinner. We had a Quorn roast, all of the usual Xmas Dinner trimmings and plenty of Yorkshire puddings for Sam! Christmas lunch is served early in our house – 12pm! This allows us to keep to Sam’s usual mealtime routine. We all enjoyed our food, but Sam really surprised me! He ate loads, stayed sat down for ages and loved pulling crackers. He even wore his Christmas Hat!

our Christmas

The Rest Of The Day

Once we’d eaten, we set up Syd’s new Pie Face game. This was, by far my favourite part of the day. Hubby is a bit OCD when it comes to being clean, so him being splattered with whipped cream the first time he played was HILARIOUS! Syd and I were laughing for hours! Syd and I were covered in cream too, of course – so much so, we both needed to wash our hair again that night!

Our Christmas pie face

Christmas Night

I had a nap from 4-6pm. The lack of sleep over the week leading up to Christmas finally caught up with me. Thanks to the super early start, Syd was ready for bed by 7pm. Sam fell asleep not long after her. I stayed up long enough to watch Call The Midwife and then went straight to bed.

All told, we had a wonderful Christmas. I didn’t go to the Crematorium for the first time in 12 years, but I didn’t feel guilty either. My parents would want me to enjoy life in the here and now, not dwell on the past. I hope all of our readers had a wonderful Christmas too!

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