It’s no secret that I am a huge geek. I’m extremely passionate about encouraging kids to get involved with S.T.E.M. (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). With that in mind, today I am sharing 3 easy experiments for kids for Science week. I’ll be re-sharing some things we’ve done before as a family, as well as some other easy ideas!

 3 Kids Experiments For Science Week

As a parent of kids aged 6 and 7, we’ve already done quite a few experiments, with varying results.

Kids Experiments For Science Week – Erupting Volcano Experiment

Firstly, I am sharing the erupting volcano experiment we did a few years back for Science Week. Feel free to check out that blog post to get full instructions and see the experiment in action! (I video’d it)!

Easy Experiments For Kids For Science Week - erupting volcano experiment

Bitz & Bob’s Easy experiments for kids – Home Made Rocket Balloons

Secondly, I am sharing these super easy rocket balloons! If you’ve got young kids, you’re probably familiar with Bitz & Bob on CBeebies. They’ve created some brilliant youtube videos which are perfect for Science Week. There’s over a dozen different, easy experiments on their youtube channel. So it’s well worth a browse if you’re looking for quick and easy ideas! These home made rocket balloons are brilliant, and can be made in under 2 minutes!

Home Made Slime

Finally, I am sharing our favourite home made slime recipe! Something which is sure to get the kids excited is making some slime! We made some last year, following this recipe, and it turned out great! We used this video Tutorial to make ours.

You will need:

  • Large Bowl
  • Spoon
  • PVA Glue
  • Bicarbonate Of Soda
  • Food Colouring / Flavouring / Glitter (optional)
  • Boots own brand contact lens solution. (Must have Boric Acid in the ingredients).
  • Baby Oil.

slime pin

The video I have linked to above is the best way to make it. There are no specific quantities – it’s all done by eye. I’ll try to explain it though – in case you can’t watch the video for any reason.


  • Add a good squirt of PVA glue into a large, clean bowl.
  • Add around 1tsp of bicarbonate of soda.
  • If you want to add any food colouring / fragrance / glitter you want to use, do it now.
  • Mix well with the spoon.
  • Add a few drops of the contact lens solution at a time & continue to mix. (Do this really gradually, as too much solution will cause your slime to snap, rather than stretch).
  • Once you’re happy with the consistency, add a couple of drops of baby oil to prevent the slime sticking to surfaces.

So that’s it! We made the slime in the park last summer and had brilliant fun. The kids loved learning about how things changed from one thing to another when you mixed them together!

I hope these experiments have got you (and your kids) excited about getting involved with British Science week! Finally, let me know if you try any of these and how you get on!





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