I don’t know about you, but January definitely warrants a bit of a giggle. With that in mind, I have created a new blogger guest post series… Parenting Fails. First up is the lovely Lisa from The Family Ticket, sharing her experience with Tufty the Bear. (Her son’s Martial Arts Class Bear). So without further ado, it’s over to Lisa!

Parenting Fails – Tufty The Bear

My Son got to bring Tufty the bear home from Martial arts class last week. (Just after I’d been laughing about the last parent who had to do it too). Each child takes it in turns to bring him home and take him out with their family. Which is fine, as we get out a fair bit.

However, we have to write in the Diary what we did over the weekend. Which of course I left until half hour before we went to Martial arts class.

Grumpy Tufty The Bear Diary Entry

I was in a bit of a grumpy mood that morning, so I wrote a light hearted diary entry. Hoping to cheer up the next mum or dad that had to bring Tufty the bear home.

Tufty The Bear's Visit - Part 1

When we got to class, I handed Tufty over to the instructor with his diary. I then showed my friend a photo of my entry, and she laughed. Then said they do read them out you know?!?!?!

No I abso-flipping-lutely did not know that! Why? Because I sit outside the class and watch from a distance. That’s not me being mean. My son concentrates way better when I’m not in the room with him…… Admittedly, I like to sit and gossip away with my friend for an hour without having the kids moaning for another apple. An apple that they’ll take two bites from, to then discard somewhere in the front room. Somewhere so obscure that I won’t find it until a week later, when I accidentally stick my finger into this brown mushy half eaten apple.

Panic kicked in

At this point I start to panic. Then doubt kicks in. No way will he read it. He’ll surely skim read it and decide not to.

As the lesson went on I soon forgot all about the diary, as I got lost in the conversation of catching baby vomit and my friend nearly pooing herself because she ate a none gluten free slice of fruit cake.

Then it happened…all went quiet and he started to read it out! I know this because my friend who often throws up if she eats anything other than dust started pointing and laughing at me. At the same time as telling everyone else outside the hall what was happening. Who needs enemies with friends like these? Good job there was no bus in sight, or she’d have launched me right under the wheels.

Tufty The Bear - Part 2

The Horror

I was so embarrassed, I went bright red and tried to hide behind a pillar. Not that that helped, because I’ve eaten too many pies. I’d need a sky scraper to hide my butt at the moment!

The teacher then came out of the hall and shouted me over and in front of all the other parents asked me if there was something wrong with me? Luckily all the other parents were in stitches.

My son however also got to listen to the diary entry and bless his socks was very unhappy that Tufty the bear had insulted his favourite teddy “baby bear”.

Thankfully he was too young to understand what was really going on but still an epic parent fail on my part!

Back To MotherGeek

I don’t know about you, but I was genuinely laughing out loud when I read Rusty’s diary entry. Lisa, you are MY HERO! Our own adventures with “Teddy Playgroup” were nowhere near as hilarious! Thank you so much for joining in with my new weekly link: Parenting Fails. Check back next Monday for another Parenting blunder!

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