One of the things I love most about blogging is finding out about amazing local events, and sharing them with my readers. Back in February, I attended a blogging event at Ordsall Hall, and met a lovely fellow blogger, called Naomi. I hadn’t heard of her blog before, but have followed her ever since. When I heard about the amazing free event she’s planning, I had to share! Read on to find out more about Don’t #KeepMum – I’ve set Naomi a series of Q&A’s to really get to grips with the event, and the idea behind it!

The event is on Friday 26th April at 10am!

Don’t #KeepMum – Q&A With The Event Organiser, Naomi!

1). Where did the idea for the don’t keep mum events come from?

The don’t #keepmum campaign was originally born out of desperation. As well as a need for better postpartum care, but without a platform to demand it from. It’s since evolved to cover the whole family spectrum, because… Let’s face it – we all come from a family in some form or another.

2). What motivated you to set Don’t #KeepMum up?

I wanted to turn a negative into a positive and stop anymore mums going through what I experienced. I’m originally from the south and my husband is Greek. So we’ve no family support network up in Bolton, (where we’re based). That can make things a real struggle. When we first tried to conceive, I miscarried and lost my job because of it. Then with Penelope, I suffered quite badly with postpartum anxiety, heightened by loneliness! As much as I hate to admit it, you really do need mummy friends, when you’re a mum.

Don't #KeepMum Naomi & Her Children @ Ordsall Hall
Naomi & Her Children @ Ordsall Hall

3). What will the day involve – Is there a set itinerary?

Yep! The day will kick off at 10am with coffee, goody bags and a medieval selfie sesh! While we wait for everyone to arrive and settle in.
Then we’ve Personal Trainer, Amy Ferriss who is going to start our day of workshops with a family friendly work out. She’ll show you how to incorporate a baby into your training, and give lots of tips on how to get the kids involved.

Next we’ve BBC Master Chef’s Noma Creates, who will lead a master class on super foods. After a short break we will return with Kasia from The Tiny Dreamers Wellbeing group who will lead a class on baby massage, while The Salford sling and meet do Q&A’s on baby wearing.

Any one with older children can head over to our activity stand (with fancy dress/stocks/face paints and crafts), or simply use this time to explore the grounds (where Guy Fawkes is said to have plotted).

4). Is Don’t #KeepMum really completely free?

Absolutely 100%!

5). How many spaces are there on the day?

We can happily cater for 30 families

6). Can mums who’s kids are at school attend?

Yes! And in fact I’d urge them to. It’s a great chance to make friends and network.


7). Are special needs mums and kids ok to attend too? What about dads / grandparents?

Totally! We’re all of us from a family in one form or another – this is an all inclusive family event. Whether you’re a brother, a mother, a grandpa or cousin, grab your people and come join us.

My only heads up would be that the great hall will be quite noisy, due to all the small people attending. It also has very good acoustics, thanks to its wooden structure. But there will be an area for anyone that might just want some quiet time.

8). How do you reserve a place?

Either through the Eventbrite website or app, or by going to our facebook page.

9). What part of the day are you the most excited about?

I just booked my summer hols so God knows I could do with burning an Easter bun or five! Additionally, I’m really looking forward to the Salford Sling group as I’ve just bought a sling for P and want to learn how to use it. Above all though I really can’t wait to meet everyone, and maybe makes some new friends!

10). Will this become a regular event?

That’s what we’re hoping! The success of this event will determine whether or not we could potentially take this event Nationwide, and make a yearly occurrence. What I’d love though is for this to spur on others to organise meet ups in their communities and just be there for one another.

11). What would you recommend guests wear?

Comfy clothes you can move about in!

Don't #KeepMum - Naomi & kids
Naomi & her children

12). Is there space for my pram?

Yes. However, we will probably create a park up station and have babes in arms for most of the activities.

13). Is the event the only thing happening in Ordsall hall that day?

Pretty much. I believe there’s a small private event in one of the smaller rooms in the building. But, I’m told we have the main bulk of the grounds all to ourselves.

14). Can guests donate to help you run more events like this?

For now no, but I would love to hear peoples ideas on how they’d like to get involved. Also, if this event on Friday is a success, then we are considering setting up a fund to help others that might want to do something similar. At the moment we are solely reliant on people offering up their time and services for free.

15). Is there a hashtag or social media group for guests to use?

Yes! We’d love for people to tag any photos they take on the day or status updates with ‘Don’t #keepmum ‘. We really want to push the need for a voice, a platform where people can confidently reach out and ask for help, rather than putting up, struggling and keeping mum.

16). Who would you like to thank for helping you set up the event?

Well firstly a massive thanks to you Tina for all your support. But we really would not have been able to do this without all the provisions provided for us and the families attending. Which, in the biggest part is down to Salford Leisure & The team at Ordsall Hall. They really do have a love for their community embedded deep within everything they do! I also have to do a humongous shout out to all the activity leaders and our photographer (Jodie Mills) who have each offered up their time absolutely free! Noma will be driving up and back on the day from London.

17). Where can people find more information on the Don’t #KeepMum event?

I’ve put together a full line up and bio on my blog.

lots of people joining in with the Don't #KeepMum campaign
Some of the people joining in with the Don’t #KeepMum movement

Back To MotherGeek – My Thoughts!

WOW! I don’t know about you, but I thinkDon’t #KeepMum sounds amazing! When my children were small, I was desperate for some “mum friends”. I only really had one “real life” mum friend, and she had twins, so it was a massive struggle for us to meet up anywhere when the kids were small. There’s only 12 months between my kids, so I couldn’t manage taking them both out together, as my youngest usually needed feeding while my eldest was reenacting the great escape and crawling off every chance he got!

I would definitely have enjoyed every second of this event back then! My kids are both in school now, so I won’t have a child to chase on the day! I’m hoping to be there on Friday (26th April @10am), and will of course be happy to be the “spare pair of hands” I was always so desperate for when I was juggling two tinies myself! I hope I’ll see you there too!

Finally, if you’ve enjoyed this post, why not check out more of my parenting content here!

PS: I’m sharing this event because I feel passionately about it, and I’m not being paid to do so. 

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