I LOVE Pink Lining

Ok Ok so it’s Sam’s bag really – but I LOVE it!!

In the first few months of pregnancy, there were 2 things I was excited about buying.
Not the Pram & the Cot as most mums to be…. but my changing bag & the baby’s shoes!!

People quickly burst the shoes bubble for me, telling me it was bad
for newborn babies to be restricted in shoes, so I spent almost all of
my time swooning over changing bags instead.

I decided quite early on that I wanted a Pink Lining
bag for a few reasons: Firstly, a lot of the Twitter mummies had them
& loved them, and secondly: because their designs are funky – I
wanted something cool, not a plain black bag.

I managed to hold out until after my 20 week scan as I wanted to get a bag which reflected my bump’s gender.
I ordered my bag the same day I found out I was team BLUE!!

I thought this one was funky while still looking boyish because it has blue on it.
The Red also means it matches Sam’s pram.

It arrived the very next day (despite it being January and the roads being awful).
It was beautifully wrapped in pink tissue paper & I drooled over it daily for weeks & weeks.

Inside, the lining is bright pink (Which is Pink Lining’s signature)!
It has 2 insulated bottle holders, a zip pocket and it includes a pink
lining changing mat & a plastic zip up pocket for keeping any wet
items separate.

I have been using it for 10 weeks now & LOVE it!
I have a pram with 1 handle, and the bag slips easily over that.
The strap is easy to adjust and the buckles are adjustable too – which
means if you like to take the kitchen sink with you, you can squeeze in
an extra few things when necessary.
The buckles are magnetic – so you don’t have to undo them every time you need something out of the bag.

My only criticism of the bag is that the magnets can be a little
fiddly to fasten sometimes – but that’s probably more to do with me
being lazy & trying to close it while it’s still over my pram’s

The bag still looks clean too – despite me being the clumsiest person around!
It has been rained on, had milk spilt on it & put onto the wet floor more times than I can remember, but still looks as new.

It has lots of storage areas inside the bag too – ideal for keeping
clean nappies together, and wipes, nappy bags etc. There’s a mobile
Phone pocket inside the bag too, but I tend to use the external pocket
for that so I can hear it ringing. (The bag is so well insulated, my
ringing phone gets muffled).

I absolutely love my Pink Lining bag, and am already wondering which one to ask Santa for for Christmas!

My best friend is expecting twins in September & I am debating
getting her one, but am not sure if she’d fit 2 of everything in a Pink
Lining bag.

Opinions Please??

PS this is my bag when it was all shiny & new!
(The photo makes it look darker than it really is).

Pink Lining Bow Satchel

The service I received from Pink Lining was amazing, and I will be
buying ALL changing bags from them in future….. NO – I’m not planning on
having dozens of kids, but a mummy has to have a new bag each season,

Overall, I give the Pink Lining service 10/10, and the
satchel bag 9.9/10 – losing 0.1 just because the straps are a bit fiddly
to close.

(I bought this product, and am reviewing the site & product from personal experience).

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