Bump Watch – 35 Weeks

Here goes nothing!
I am FINALLY 35 weeks pregnant so will be starting the Raspberry Leaf tea today – HOORAY!

I will be drinking 1 cup a day when 35 weeks pregnant, 2 cups a day from 36 weeks, 3 cups a day from 37 weeks, 4 cups a day from 38 weeks, 5 cups a day from 39 weeks and then cross everything baby arrives soon before I have to drink 6 cups a day at 40 weeks pregnant!!

Don’t forget, Raspberry Leaf Tea is designed to get your cervix ready for labour, not to bring on labour. I’m not evicting Robyn just yet!!

Anyways… back to today. Here’s my 35 week photo – as always excuse the state of me and the poor photo. Hubby is no photographer!!

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