Trade shows are an opportunity for both big and small businesses to either announce themselves as serious competitors or to establish dominance. It provides a platform for small-scale businesses to show and market their products or services. As well as interact with, and get to know the competition. Trade shows are not only about business… But they are also about the pomp, colour, and creativity displayed by the companies in their stands.

Interesting Things You’ll See at Trade Shows

All these are to get as many people to your stand as possible. To do this, they need a professional touch from companies like Expocart who will make sure your business stands out from the rest. There are a couple of interesting things businesses do to attract people to their stands:

Branded food

You can get people’s attention need to appeal to what matters to most of them. That is why most companies would be using free food packaged and branded with their company logo. They know nobody in their right mind would pass on free food; this way they are sure to establish themselves and get customers.

Food trucks

Some companies go a notch higher to attract customers at the show by having either a food truck, ice cream cart or a popcorn cart in their stand or strolling around enticing potential customers. This is sure to attract both the young and old at the trade show because who would not want free ice cream or drinks?

free drinks at Trade Shows

Contests at the exhibition

You can have small theme-based competition at your stand to get people to interact, have fun, and win in the process. The competition can be about a game that is known to most people to get everybody involved.

Big interactive Smartphone

This lets your booth visitors enjoy and interact with your services as opposed to just watching it on the screen. There are a couple of ways you can stand out in the show by having a great user interface, for instance, touch video walls and giant Smartphone from meeting tomorrow. People feel more involved when they can do it themselves instead of just watching or hearing about it.

Interactive walls at trade shows

This is to engage people by asking them to react to a question you posted on either a chalkboard or whiteboard at your stand; the question can be about your company or anything else. Alternatively, they can indicate that they were at your stand by writing something like, “Maxwell was here.”

Masks and Props at trade shows

Other businesses make it more interesting by giving out masks and props to anyone who comes visiting by their stand. This is a nice way to sell their brand and benefit from free advertising even after the tradeshow is over.

masks and props at the trade shows

Online scavenger hunt

People love hunting; they either do it to satisfy their thirst for adventure or just for the thrill. Augmented reality (AR) is often used to create a hunting adventure and engage attendees to look for hidden stuff with clues right there at your stand. In the process, you can also add information about your products or services within the game. You can read more on online.

Flash mobs

Companies go to any length to steal the attention to themselves during tradeshows. Flash mobs are one way to achieve this objective. The company gets relatively random people to dance in a synchronized manner in front of their stand and then goes into the exhibition when the crowd gets big. The crowd has no choice but to follow them inside their stand where sales can be achieved.

Singing Acapellas

Everybody loves music, especially live music. Some companies use this to their advantage by hiring Acapellas to sing in front of their exhibitions! Just like they do during Christmas. The main aim here is to get as many people singing along with them as possible. Thus redirecting attention towards your exhibition.

Trade shows are a fun place to be. Not only for the businesses showcasing their products and services… But also for the attendees who come to check out new exciting things or ideas businesses will use to lure them. As a company your main aim is to steal the show and get as many people at your stand as possible, this must be achieved by any means necessary. Some companies use technology to achieve this, some use humor, while others settle on giveaways. Either way, trade shows are fun and educative especially for aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to one day have their stand at the trade show.

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