Living frugally is brutal. You have to exercise superhuman levels of self-control in order to do without your creature comforts. However, it just gets so wearing. It doesn’t have to be like that; you can use some really smart tricks in order to reduce expenses without affecting your quality of life. Here’s 7 hacks to boost your savings, and you can find out more about smart spending at Creditfix.

Hacks to Boost Your Savings

Hacks to Boost Your Savings

Save on rail tickets by splitting fares

Instead of buying just one ticket for your rail journey, buy two or more as it can work out cheaper. You don’t have to actually change trains, it’s just that your different tickets cover different portions of the journey. There are a few sites dedicated to fare-splitting and as rail travel in the UK is stupidly expensive, it’s well worth the effort to hit them up.

Automate your savings deposits

Planning to save what you have left at the end of the month is going about it all the wrong way. The longer that £60-odd is hanging around in your account, the more chance there is of it ending up in the Clarins counter at Boots. Fact.

Set up a direct debit into your savings account for a day or so after payday so that your money just isn’t there for you to fritter away.

Tweak your job title to save on your car insurance

This really doesn’t mean that you claim to be an astronaut or a brain surgeon in order to get lower premiums! That would be fraud (unless you actually are an astronaut…). Some job titles are considered higher risk even if they’re only a hair’s breadth away from a similar title that’s deemed to be a lower risk. Try this comparison tool and have a fiddle with your job title to see if you can lower your insurance. For example, if you’re a writer who does a lot of proof-reading, say you’re a proof-reader as your premiums could come down by a few pounds a year.

Use Love The Sales

If you shopping online, then you could use Love The Sales to grab a bargain. It’s a brilliant tool, that helps make your money go further!

Head to the world food aisle

Or, indeed, any Asian or African market for things like lentils, rice, spices, herbs and exotic vegetables. You can also pick up things like tins of tomatoes and tofu that are mysteriously cheaper than they are at your local supermarket.

Head to the baby aisle for cheaper beauty products

If you use cotton buds, cotton wool pads, wipes and so on, then don’t pay those over-the-odds grown-up prices! This aisle is also handy for picking up nappy bags – much cheaper than dog poo bags.

Have one no-spend weekend a month

Or every other month, depending on how active you are. Firstly, why not cook with what you have in the fridge and cupboards. Next, you could have a board games evening, go for walks and catch up on your favourite TV shows. It can be done – honestly! If you stick to these hacks, you’ll have quite a pile of savings by the end of the year. Finally, if you’ve found this post useful, check out my Money category!


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