The first thing you need to know about writing for the web is… Over half a million new web pages are created every day. With numbers like that, you can rest assured that someone, somewhere, has already written something very similar to the content you’ve got in mind. The business of standing out in such a sea of facts and opinions isn’t easy. Chances are, you’ve already researched the tip of the iceberg on all things SEO, including keyword research, competitor analysis, and content styles. Today, we’re going to focus on perhaps the best way to get started with creating evergreen blog content. This is content that isn’t based on trends or news, but instead is written with year-round interests in mind. For this, you’ll need to be well-researched, of course, but you’ll also need to know exactly how evergreen content works.

Creating evergreen blog content – How-to guides 

One of the most popular styles of evergreen content is the perennial ‘how-to’ guide. Although it could be said that no blog is ever completely evergreen. (Updates may be required year by year with additional industry related how-to steps, for example)… This style of blog is a great way to generate traffic and start to become something of a leading voice within your industry or niche.

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One evergreen how-to guide won’t necessarily gain you an overnight top spot on Google… But a high-quality original piece of work may gain you links from other sources talking about the same topic. This is another great indicator to Google that you may be deserving of a higher rank. Remember, Google punishes stolen content – there are no shortcuts here, you’re going to have to get creative (use a copied text checker to be sure that nothing has slipped through the net). 

Top tips are a top tip

If you don’t have a good angle or anything new to bring to a how-to style blog relating to your goods or services,… A top-tips blog is another evergreen idea that can bring success. Remember that your audience isn’t interested in thin content (see tips on blog writing). You’re really going to have to deliver on content that your readers will bookmark. You want them to keep coming back to when they are following the process that you have created. Sure, make use of obvious starter tips, but make sure there’s something of you in there too, something that gives you a unique appeal. 

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